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Change is happening everywhere in healthcare! Although physicians are considered the scientific leaders in healthcare, they are not seen as the ones pushing for change and improvement. Physicians have been delegated to be figureheads and accept change as it happens to them. We have seen physician innovators working on some amazing things in different areas around the world. The role of InnovatorMD is an attempt to showcase their work, inspire others to learn, and ignite innovation in healthcare.

I hope you will join us on this journey!

Uli K. Chettipally, MD, MPH.

President, InnovatorMD


We are a group of physician innovators from various backgrounds with a single vision - to spread physician innovation to the rest of the world and to have a positive impact on patient outcomes and physician wellness while

moving the healthcare industry forward.


To educate clinicians on advances in care delivery models, medical devices, digital health, and pharmaceutical innovation that will help them 

improve patient care and make their clinical management more

efficient, meaningful, and fulfilling.


We value physician knowledge, skills, and creativity.

We believe that physicians can come up with solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare industry. We understand that physicians are scientific leaders, providers, and teachers.

Inform            Inspire          Ignite!
InnovatorMD's mission is to globally advance the work of physician innovators and entrepreneurs delivering solutions that revolutionize patient care.
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