Clinical Trials for Physicians

November 19,  2020


CliniOps is a company founded by Avik Pal which focuses on helping clinical trials reach the highest optimization that they could achieve. Studies show that less than 5% population participates in clinical trials, and the ones that do are mostly from neighboring areas around where the clinical trials are being held. This causes a lack of diversity in the participating individuals which could lead to biased results. CliniOps helps tackle this and build a suitable model for the best optimization of clinical trials.

Avik Pal, Founder & CEO, CliniOps

Precision BioPharma


With the second wave of covid coming in, it is the need of the hour to develop a strong line of treatment in the form of a drug. Vaccines are already being developed widely, however, the need to treat affected patients still remains. Dr. Prasun Mishra ran use through PB004, the drug that is currently being tested as a treatment option for covid. Having 4 different mechanisms of action and also showing to be 5 times more effective than Remdesivir, this drug could potentially be the breakthrough that the world needs.

Prasun J Mishra, PhD, Founder & CEO, Precision BioPharma

John Hsu, MD, CoFounder & CEO, iPill Dispenser

Clinical Trials for Physicians:

Deepak Behera MD,

Brian R Coulter &

Kristin Andruska MD, Phd

iPill Dispenser


The opioid crisis still remains widely prevalent in spite of all the effort to subdue it. Dr. John Hsu, an anaesthesiologist, having dealt with a lot of chronic pain management through his clinical practice, saw the need to fix this problem. His company developed an opioid dispensing machine which would be fingerprint operated and help dispense only the prescribed number of drugs and a specified time to the patient. The remaining unused drugs would then be destroyed, thereby reducing the circulation of a staggering 3.3 billion unused opioids into the market every year. iPill is already patent protected in the EU, UK, and Canada.

Clinical Trials for Physicians

Dr. Deepak Behera started the presentation by describing the challenges and opportunities associated with clinical trials. He explained the challenges faced at the various levels being the sponsors, patients, and physician level. He shed light on the lack of participation at the community hospital levels. Although 80% of physicians would like to participate in clinical trials, those that do are less than 15% and the numbers are surprisingly similar when it even comes to patient participation on the recommendation by their physician. Brian Coulter later took us through the steps involved in overcoming these challenges and lastly Dr. Kristin Andruska explained in detail about the smooth execution of the clinical trials. With their help and guidance, we hope to see higher participation from both the physicians and patients in clinical trials.

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