From Napkin to Bedside

September 17,  2020

Cardio Diagnostics. 


Heart disease is one of the most common causes of hospital admissions and deaths nowadays. Did you know that 8 out of 10 cardiac events are preventable? The key to overcome this is to assess, reduce and monitor the risk for such events. Dr. Robert Philibert, the co-founder and CMO, took us through Cardio Diagnostics. This is a tool that combines epigenetics and genetics with an AI calculator that predicts the risk of a cardiac event. Dr. Dogan, the co-founder and CEO has published studies in journals with actual figures backing this up! With a sensitivity of 80%, we hope to see the rates of cardiac events drop down with the growth of Cardio Diagnostics.

Cardio Diagnostics - Early Detection of Cardiovascular Disease - Robert Philibert, MD, PhD., CMO. Cardiologist

Healthcare Always Within Reach- Nirav Shah, MD Stroke Neurologist & Neurohospitalist



Dr. Nirav Shah, a stroke neurologist and his co-founders saw the need to monitor patients, especially the elderly to prevent the occurrence of strokes and heart attacks, both primary & secondary events. They came up with Sentinel, which is a software that intricately ties together monitoring to medication management. The vision is to provide an unbundling care with remote monitoring and labs, with medications as well, so patients receive care before they reach the doctor. It provides remote monitoring using FDA approved devices coupled with apps that are available to access through mobile devices. It leads to better adherence to medication and their algorithms can detect changes that require medication titration. Who wouldn’t want to reduce their medication load and prevent a stroke/cardiac event? Sentinel is the solution to this!

Radionome -Protection from radiation exposure - Hamza Shaikh, MD, (NeuroInterventional Radiologist)



If asked to present an X-ray film or an MRI CD from a few months or even weeks ago, would you be able to do it instantaneously? Dr. Hamza Shaikh and his team came up with a solution by creating Radionome. You can say goodbye to your numerous CDs, X-ray films, etc. and instead, move to a secure digital cloud sharing platform – Radionome. It is an FDA cleared medical image DICOM viewer which can store all your medical imaging data in a HIPAA compliant manner and is completely secure. The data is entirely in the hands of the patient and the referring physician and can easily be shared with another facility on request by the patient, thus cutting down the need of CDs and physical copies. Interesting fact, a patient with a rare disease can leverage their imaging data for studies/academic purposes. The possibilities with this are limitless and it is on the way to transform the way we operate and store our imaging data. Don’t be surprised if you hear the phrase, “Can you radionome it to me?” in the future.

Keynote: Vallabh Janardhan, MD – Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Insera Therapeutics -
Taking an Idea "From Napkin to Bedside”

Dr. Vallabh Janardhan, Insera Therapeutics


Ideas develop from basic observations and that leads to inventions that could be groundbreaking, Dr. Vallabh Janardhan took us through his personal journey on how he literally took an Idea from Napkin to Bedside. Dr. Janardhan experienced that when he was sipping on some coconut water and the straw got clogged by a kernel. This led to his invention of the CLEAR aspiration system that can be used to suction out clots anywhere in the body. He also laid out a simplified yet detailed, 12-step guide for upcoming entrepreneurs to help bring an idea to fruition. Insera’ Therapeutics' success story is not only inspiring but also made it clear that not all ideas need to be really complex, all it takes is a little observation and a structured plan!

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