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Global Summit 2024

January 11-13, 2024,

8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon PST

Get a glimpse into the future of healthcare. Join the largest gathering of physician innovators, thought leaders, and action-oriented professionals. Listen to visionaries, engage with peers, and leave inspired to make a difference. Expand your horizons and explore endless possibilities!


Gain insights from leading innovators and thought leaders that can spark your creativity and passion.


 Explore new opportunities, career paths, and entrepreneurial ventures within healthcare.


Connect with a diverse community of physician innovators, potential collaborators, and mentors.


Gain insights of the latest healthcare trends, technologies, and strategies to stay at the forefront of your field.


Are you eager to enact a positive change within healthcare but uncertain about the how?

Curious about the strategies fellow physicians employ to diversify their income streams beyond traditional medicine?

In a shifting landscape, how can you fortify the stability of your medical career with additional skills?

With healthcare startups on the rise, what opportunities exist for physicians to actively engage in this dynamic landscape?

In the recent years, it's become apparent that physician income is no longer a certainty. How can you diversify your income sources?

Are you ready to transform the healthcare landscape but unsure of your initial steps?


The conference offers a transformative experience over three enriching days, providing healthcare professionals with an invaluable opportunity to redefine their career trajectories. Focused on embracing innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare, attendees can expect powerful talks and engaging discussions that inspire action and growth. Whether you seek fulfillment, are curious about new career paths, or desire to stay informed and motivated, this event is your gateway to a dynamic world of possibilities. Join us and ignite your journey of personal and professional transformation in healthcare.

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The Largest Physician Innovation Event!

Keynotes, Startups, Panels &  CME

Startup Showcase Winners

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Making the latest precision medicine science & tools accessible worldwide.

First Position

Collaborative clinician scheduling: a new paradigm for efficiency, quality, and wellness

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Standardize care with love, not alerts.

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An app service dedicated to the mental well-being of youth and support of child welfare and education professionals.

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Meet our Speakers

Dr. Robert Pearl is the former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group (Kaiser Permanente).He led over 12,000 physicians and was responsible for the medical care of 12 million Kaiser Permanente members. He serves as a professor at the Stanford University Schools of Business and Medicine. He hosts the weekly podcast Fixing Healthcare, published Uncaring: How the Culture of Medicine Kills Doctors & Patients and wrote Mistreated: Why We Think We're Getting Good Healthcare and Usually Wrong.

Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine and Business

Elsie Koh, MD EMHL FSIR is a practicing interventional radiologist and the Chief Medical Officer of American Endovascular & Amputation Prevention.  She is the Founder and CEO of the LEAD Physician leadership program for physicians.  LEAD Physician helps physicians, who are ready for growth, rediscover their purpose, rekindle their passion, and create real potential for their short and long-term future in academic or private practices, side businesses, or as a consultant in medicine.

Chief Medical Officer, American Endovascular

AI Doctor: Healing with Data, One Byte at a Time" encapsulates my journey from NYC's streets to the forefront of AI in healthcare. As a seasoned physician and former healthcare CEO, I now advise on AI's integration into healthcare, ensuring it meets clinical needs while fostering innovation. My work spans orchestrating AI adoption, bridging tech-healthcare gaps, and enhancing healthcare management. I share my insights to drive AI's transformative potential in healthcare.

CEO, Medical Intelligence Ops

Dr. Brittany Busse is the co-founder, president, and Chief Medical Officer of ViTelHealth. She has over six years of experience in Executive Physician Leadership and in developing processes and technology specific for Telemedicine. As the president and CMO of ViTelHealth, she is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery and organizing digital health tools that augment the patient-physician connection and improve outcomes so that everyone can thrive.

Co-Founder, President, Chief Medical Officer, ViTel Health

Matt Sakumoto is a virtualist primary care physician in San Francisco. He is also fellowship-trained in clinical informatics at UCSF, with a focus on virtual care and clinician efficiency tools for the EHR. Through personal experience at multiple health systems and telehealth startups, he has developed an approach to Digital Empathy and Web-side Manner to better connect with patients.

Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor, UCSF

Amanda is finishing up a multi-role tour at Amazon, having led both Alexa for Health and AWS Healthcare initiatives, and is looking for her next role in digital transformation/change management at a large healthcare organization.  Amanda currently leads Healthcare Startups for AWS, building out products at scale using AWS to solve enterprise challenges including patient navigation and engagement, workforce burnout and deployment, clinical workflow efficiency, and social determinants of health an

AWS Healthcare Startups and Venture Capital, Amazon

Dr. Behrooz Behbod, The Entrepreneur's Doctor, is a transformative coach dedicated to helping fellow conscious entrepreneurial leaders (e.g., coaches, consultants, and CEOs) navigate the complex landscape of making a meaningful impact at scale in any sector.

Backed by Harvard and Oxford training, Dr. Behbod offers coaching, consulting, and training services to unearth 'aha' moments that bring insightful clarity and creativity into world-changing endeavours.

We’re one insight away…

Insight Catalyst, The Entrepreneur’s Doctor

As founder and CEO of Apricity Health, a precision oncology company at the intersection of digital health, AI and biotechnology, Dr. Chin is passionate about harnessing patient data and human expertise to transform cancer care and drug discovery. Prior to Apricity, Dr. Chin conducted research at DFCI-Harvard and the Broad Institute, served leadership roles in TCGA and founded Dept of Genomic Medicine at MD Anderson. She is an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine.

CEO, Apricity Health

Dr Sandeep Reddy is the founder and Chairman of the ‘Centre for Advancement of Translational AI in Medicine (CATAIM)’, a not-for-profit institute set up to enable adoption of AI in healthcare and Healea, an AI enabled health technology platform. Dr Sandeep Reddy has a medical and healthcare management background in addition to being a certified health informatician and a World Health Organisation recognised Digital Health Expert. Also, he has authored several articles and books about the use o

Chairman, Healea Pty Ltd

Dr. Navani is Medical Director to Le Reve Regenerative Wellness, the center for cutting edge spine and musculoskeletal regenerative solutions and an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University.

Dr. Navani is board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and serves on the board of several international and national pain societies. She is the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Awards from several societies and is considered a KOL in her field.

Medical Director, Le Reve Regenerative Wellness

Joshua Tamayo-Sarver, MD, PhD, is VP of Innovation at Inflect Health and Vituity, overseeing strategic healthtech partnerships and health tech. He is an emergency physician, and has led product development, testing, deployment, and scaling of multiple technology solutions in the healthcare ecosystem. He has over 20 peer-reviewed publications and holds five US patents. He speaks and writes frequently on healthcare technology and AI. He lives in Los Gatos, CA.

VP of Innovation, Vituity

Paula Muto, M.D., F.A.C.S., is the founder and CEO of UBERDOC.  A graduate of Amherst College and New York Medical College, Dr. Muto  is a practicing vascular and general surgeon in solo practice for over 20 years and the owner of a successful Vein Center. She is an outspoken advocate for patient care and is passionate about women's health. She has emerged as a powerful voice for price transparency and protecting the doctor-patient relationship.

Founder & CEO, UBERDOC

Jon work's with CEOs and Boards for multinational, national, and early-stage or startup organizations in health/healthcare when they need an outside perspective to help assess whether a major decision is the best possible one to make going forward. This ranges from professional advice over a few hours to multi-year retained support. 

Specialties: His career has included senior roles on Boards (both for-profit & nonprofit) and in strategy, marketing, business development, ops, logistics, &finance."

CEO, Silver Moonshots

Ana Alves, a San Francisco-based business consultant, brings 15+ years of expertise in banking, finance, leadership, and venture capitalism. Specializing in healthcare startups, she excels in business intelligence, fundraising, and crafting compelling investor pitches, and as the former CEO and co-founder of CortexXus Inc., securing patents and forging key partnerships. Ana remains a driving force in healthcare startup consultancy.

Business Mentor, EIT Health

Naidu Annamaneni, the visionary founder of ColigoMed. Naidu is a serial entrepreneur and  technology executive who has several patents in his name and has pioneered AI innovations in several industries. His technology expertise in connecting large data systems together and own personal battles led him to the ColigoMed vision. His vision has already been backed by several high profile physicians, healthcare executives and silicon valley technology executives with a pre-seed funding of over $3M

Founder & CEO, ColigoMed

Dumeetha is the founder of Take-Pause. A former award-winning BBC war correspondent, she is now the founder of health tech company Take-Pause, which has designed a system to reduce pediatric patient anxiety. Take-Pause has been clinically shown to reduce anxiety. It was tested in an IRB approved trial in the pediatric emergency room at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn. The data showed it reduced anxiety levels by 24% in 5 minutes.

Founder, Take-Pause

Tim Cooley is the author of the #1 best-selling book on raising capital, The Pitch Deck Book: How To Present Your Business And Secure Investors, creator of the podcast, and consultant at PointB. He is the former Executive Director for Park City Angels. He has worked with Fortune 5 companies as well as 100s of early-stage companies in marketing, sales, product development, fundraising, and operations.

Founder, PitchUs

Dr. Aditi U. Joshi is a best selling author, digital health consultant and a telehealth expert with over 10 years of experience in improving healthcare and equity through technology. Dr. Joshi is the co-author of the bestselling book: 'Telehealth Success: How to Thrive in the New Age of Remote Care' published by Forbes. She currently offers consulting services to health systems, digital health startups, and individuals, specializing in digital health strategy, integration and operations.

Founder, Nagamed Consulting

Prof. Shahram Yousefi (PhD:UWaterloo) is an academic entrepreneur and global algorithm expert with more than 130 publications and patents. He has held positions at the University of Toronto, Canada, Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne, Switzerland, Jilin University, China, University of California, Santa Cruz, and Queen's University, Canada, where he is currently a full professor. Shahram has co-founded 3 healthcare startups since 2014 and is currently the CEO of MESH Scheduling Inc.:MeshAI.


Omar is a medical doctor with 10 years of data analytics. Named on of HIMSS Future 50 and published author at HL7 and AHIMA conferences. Omar is the founder of HumanDash, a startup that brings next-generation mental health techniques into the hands of busy top performers in Silicon Valley.

Founder, HumanDash

Diana M. Girnita, MD, PhD is the CEO& Founder of Rheumatologist OnCall , a telemedicine company that provides specialized rheumatology services to patients in multiple US states.Dr. Girnita is also the founder of Direct Specialty Care Alliance, an organization that was started in 2021.  Direct Specialty Care Alliance leads the movement of specialist physicians in becoming independent and provide direct care services to patients through physician-led education, mentorship, and advocacy.

Founder & CEO, Rheumatologist OnCall

Miguel Villagra is a dedicated internal medicine physician excelling in hospital medicine. He pair's his clinical expertise with a profound commitment to physician wellness and mental health. Beyond the hospital, he venture's into Telemedicine, Real Estate, and offer a tailored Coaching Program, showcasing his diverse passions and entrepreneurial spirit.

CEO, AdoctorsjourneyLLC

Dr. D founded Green Imaging in 2011 to provide affordable, high-quality medical imaging for uninsured and high-deductible patients in Houston and rapidly expanded the company to provide services throughout most of the US and to employer-sponsored health plans. She loves being able to provide quality services to patients who otherwise couldn’t afford them and delivering significant imaging cost savings to patients with healthcare coverage and their employers without compromising quality.

Founder & CEO, Green Imaging

Dr. Amaro is a United States Navy Veteran, Physician, and Native Houstonian. He’s passionate about direct healthcare access and the economic value it brings to local communities. Dr. Amaro is the founder and CEO of Ease Practice, which uses AI to help doctors start, run, and grow their practices.   The Ease Practice team has built over 450 practices so far.

CEO/Founder, Ease Practice

Chris works collaboratively with clients worldwide, guiding them and their businesses to the next level by expanding their capabilities and clarity -- while getting everyone on the same page. With a background in tech and investment, her career achievements include leading multidisciplinary teams through complex development projects, co-founding a successful SaaS marketing company, securing investments exceeding $100 million, and playing a key role in structuring two SDG-focused funds.

Partner, Flow+ BV

Benjamin Schwartz, MD, MBA is a fellowship trained Orthopedic Surgeon who has served numerous healthcare leadership roles on both a local and national level with a focus on developing and implementing evidence-based, high quality MSK care delivery pathways.

Advisor, Healent

Dr. Jennifer Miles-Thomas, a renowned urologist and CEO of Urology of Virginia, is a graduate of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. She completed her general surgery internship, urology residency, and fellowships at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Miles-Thomas serves on executive, startup, and international boards, showcasing her extensive expertise in clinical medicine, innovation, and business strategy.

CEO, Urology of Virginia

As an experienced emergency medicine and lifestyle medicine physician with over 2 decades in clinical medicine, Alex has found passion and purpose working with employer health plans building award winning programs around primary care.  He's grown an Advanced Primary Care practice in several states that employers, patients and providers love. He has recently added an embedded integrative mental health practice and a lifestyle medicine practice aimed at treating, preventing and reversing disease.

President, Astia Health

Dr. Dayton was the first Medical Design and Innovation Fellow with Stanford's Department of Emergency Medicine. In addition to practicing medicine at both Stanford and Intermountain, he advises health-tech startups, co-founded Utah's Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, and served in both local and national leadership positions with the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Assistant Professor, Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Carolyn McClain is an experienced emergency physician with extensive experience leading free standing emergency departments.  She is currently leading Sollis Health's expansion into Northern California.  Sollis Health is a rapidly growing venture funded concierge emergency department and urgent care that is staffed with emergency physicians, APC's and nurses.  Sollis offers in clinic visits, telemedicine and care coordination.

Regional Medical Director, Sollis Health

Andrew has practiced academic clinical emergency medicine for 16 years. During that time he held several administrative roles that have broadened his experience. His passion is innovation and entrepreneurship. He created a Center for Innovation and Translation at HealthPartners, and then moved on to the University of Minnesota to develop more innovative ways to develop healthcare. He also founded Accelerance Healthcare Advising to help startup healthcare companies to grow their business.

Senior Medical Director of Emergency Medicine; Senior Lecturer, Carlson School of Business, University of Minnesota Medical Center/Carlson School of Business

Dr. Faranak Kamangar is a Silicon Valley-based board-certified dermatologist, engineer, and thought leader in the telehealth field. In her Palo Alto practice, she is dedicated to removing barriers for patients and physicians alike. 

In August 2023, Dr. Kamangar founded DermGPT, an innovative, first-of-its-kind AI tool that curates answers from more than 2,000 peer reviewed journals to help dermatologists improve clinical efficiency through practical colleague-like answers.

Department Chair, Dermatology, Sutter Health- Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Mike Russell has over 30+ years of experience in the medical device industry where he has been successful in serving in various executive management roles including, CEO, President, VP Sales and Marketing, Director and Board of Directors working with multiple early stage and start-up medical device, product and service companies. Over the past 5 years he has developed Alpine Medical Technologies as its senior industry consultant.

President & CEO, Alpine Medical Technologies

Jim Kean is a senior technology executive with an innovative career focused on making healthcare easier. Kean has had multiple exits with health technology companies, and has also spent time as a senior executive at Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Jim Kean founded Sapient Health Network that later merged to form the consumer-facing side of WebMD. He exited the company turning a $5m investment into $187m in 3.5 years. In 2010, he launched WellnessFX which he sold to Thorne (THRN) in 2013 for $25m.

CEO, Molecular You

"Dr. Lisa Whitty Bradley is the CEO & Founder of Loop Plastic Surgery, S.C. and Chicks with MDs, LLC. Both entities focus on the education & empowerment of patients, physicians, and the community at large.

She is a board-certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon with extensive coaching expertise including, but not limited to the following: private practice building & restructuring, crafting social media strategies for physicians, contract NEGOTIATION, MEDICAL COPYWRITING & MED TECH CONSULTATION"

Lisa Whitty Bradley, MD, FACS

Loop Plastic Surgery, SC, Physician & Owner

Mr. Moreau is the CEO of Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. and a member of the company's board of directors. With over 30 years of executive management experience, including 15 years in CEO roles, he has proven achievements in operations management, acquisitions, licensing, and integration. Mr. Moreau also has significant experience managing biotechnology research programs, and a deep expertise in business development and capital markets, having raised more than $50 million in equity financings. He

CEO & Board Director, Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Dr. Julia Fung has been a Pediatric Urgent Care Physician with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation for 7 years. She leads a collaborative team to implement a virtual reality mindfulness program aimed at easing patient anxiety and improving satisfaction.

Julia wears a few other hats. As a regional medical director, Julia strives to nurture a culture of gratitude and diligence among a large and diverse group. With an earnest desire to counteract climate change, she coordinates efforts to implement compost and recycling on her campus. She is also department lead of the Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic in Fremont, California. In her free time, Julia enjoys birdwatching, Orangetheory fitness, self-help books and podcasts, trains, and driving her kids around.


Dr. Julia Fung

Pediatric Urgent Care Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation 

"MD with a Surgical Background. Graduated in 2017. Graduated with an MRCS Degree by Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland.

Master in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship from the University of Malta. 

Founded the Med-Tech World Summit. 

Venture Partner at IKIGAI Ventures & Lifeblood Capital + Talent."

Co-Founder & Venture Partner, Med-Tech World Summit / IKIGAI Ventures

Dr. Logan Schneider is the Clinical Lead for Sleep Health at Alphabet, Consultant Neurologist at the Stanford/VA Alzheimer’s Research Center, and Clinical Assistant Professor (affiliated) of Sleep Medicine at the Stanford Sleep Center. Following postdoctoral training in sleep, genetics, and big data with Dr. Emmanuel Mignot, Dr. Schneider advised multiple startups before being hired by Alphabet to lead the sleep health programs and product development.

Clinical Lead for Sleep Health, Alphabet

Andra Bria is a Marketing Manager at Medicai and a growth and product leader with over 10 years of experience in the impact-tech and health-tech sector. 

Andra's professional journey reflects her commitment to advancing equity, responsible technology practices, and championing value-driven care pathways. Her approach is rooted in the belief that interoperability and collaboration are essential elements for forging a more connected and efficient healthcare industry.

Marketing Manager, Medicai

The son of two physicians, Laurence grew up with medicine at the dinner table. While starting his career in finance and technology investing, he experienced firsthand the grave consequences of missed clinical diagnoses. Laurence would go on to Columbia Business School to marry technology with healthcare, eventually meeting his AvoMD cofounders who were at the Informatics Department at Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Co-Founder & COO, AvoMD

Dr. Moira Schieke is CEO, CMO & Founder of Cubismi, a cancer imaging and MRI expert, board-certified clinical radiologist, and chief inventor and designer of DecisionFlow-3D™. She is a passionate advocate for patient rights and for breaking down legacy barriers to improved care. As a practicing radiologist, she has powerful insights into how a revolutionary new medical imaging paradigm can empower physicians’ decision making and lead to improved patient outcomes.

CEO, CMO & Founder, Cubismi

Dr. Faisal Mirza is a practicing Orthopedic Surgeon, Entrepreneur in the Bay area who trained at University of Western Ontario and McMaster University. He was prior Stanford Faculty, FDA Medical Officer and Amgen Global Medical Director and now in clinical practice while building a wearable intelligence company. Dr. Mirza is an artist, author and loving father who enjoys tennis, cycling, swimming and hiking.

Owner, President, Clarity Synergy Solutions

Jeffrey Hogan is the President of Upside Health Advisors a national consultancy providing advisory services to payers, providers, health systems, employers and health-tech point solutions. Jeff is focused on health care payment reform, health policy, care transformation, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, value-based health care, health care quality and precision medicine.

Upside Health Advisors

Ashish Atreja, MD, MPH., oversees UC Davis Health’s expansion of its digital relationships with patients and with other hospitals, bridging the gap between IT, academia, research, and innovation as “Digital Davis” becomes a global hub for digital health. Prior to his UC Davis Health appointment, Atreja, a gastroenterologist, served as the chief innovation officer, Medicine at Mount Sinai. He coined the term "Evidence-based Digital Medicine" and was awarded HIMSS Future 50 Leaders in 2021.

CIO and Chief Digital Health Officer, UC Davis Health

From the Boston, Massachusetts area, Ellen’s background spans finance, investment, marketing and sales. Driven by her passion for women’s health and health technology, Ellen founded Bellybaloo, a platform for expecting families to receive and share their ultrasound images and videos with family and friends.

CEO, BellyBaloo

Scotch is an engineer with over 20 years of experience as a CEO. He is a multi-patent inventor including anti-viral applications of Maxwell’s platform. His background includes leading teams, as well as military intelligence and commercial applications. He is a pioneer in the field of plasma proteomics & biomimetics. He has wide ranging interests in physics, information theory & nanobiology. He is a graduate of the USAF Academy, with a B.S. in Management and has an MBA from U of Massachusetts.

CEO, Maxwell Biosciences, Inc.

Dr. Gold, frustrated with insurance-based medicine, founded Gold Direct Care PC in 2014, the first independent Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice in Massachusetts. With 700 patients, an Internal Medicine partner, and a Family NP, he aims to prioritize patient care. Dr. Gold established the Starseed Group LLC, facilitating collaboration among DPC doctors, benefits advisers, TPAs, and employers to create employer-sponsored plans centered around DPC. This approach enables doctors to practice medicine with less risk. Actively involved in promoting DPC, Dr. Gold co-founded the New England DPC Alliance, National DPC Alliance, and is a member of the Direct Primary Coalition. His efforts have contributed to approximately 15 independent DPC physicians in Massachusetts.

Gold Direct Care PC

Healthcare innovator who mentored hundreds of inspiring health tech teams through innovation sprints, hackathons and accelerators (MIT hackathons, Mayo Clinic, #NurseHack4Health, Women in AI, NASDAQ Center for Entrepreneurship, Founder Institute Health Tech) Judged pitching competitions (InnovatorMD) I can help you with improving your deck, strategy, next steps and more! My diverse background and experiences include: - Mentoring 100s of health tech teams - Building relationships with investors and healthcare professionals - Utilizing background in STEM (Physics, Mathematics, Economics) - Building upon hands-on data experience - Translating experience from small to large companies, academia and business - Advising on commercialization on Earth and to Space

Space Medicine Commercialization

Russell's career is serving at the intersection of technology and healthcare innovation. He is a founder and Board member for VendRx, leading the transition from POC to catalyzing industry transformation. Previously leading NIC and BIC in Pharma; HealthCare Data; Capital Equipment and Med Device.  He’s founded businesses for Medical Product Distribution and Retail Data Systems.  BS in Biology from the University of Utah, and dual MBAs from UCLA Anderson and the National University of Singapore.

Chief Commercial Officer, VendRx

Dr. Starks has dedicated his life to helping education and child welfare professionals better understand the experiences of traumatized youth to deliver better life outcomes. He is a prolific author and motivational speaker on topics ranging from foster care, youth homelessness, and trauma-informed care.  Driven by his own experience and passion as a foster child who “broke the cycle”,  Dr. Starks founded MNDYRR Technologies, Inc. (Mentoring Nurturement for Dynamic Youth Resilience and Restoration), a platform designed to help child welfare and education professionals assist at-promise youth by intersecting teletherapy and community services to deliver better life and learning outcomes.

Founder, MNDYRR Technologies, Inc.

Viji Natarajan is a Physical Therapist and Health Care Executive with 25 years experience across different health care settings in progressive leadership positions. She is keen on streamlining and finding innovative solutions in post acute environment to enhance quality and accessibility of care for all the stakeholders. LaPortaCare was founded to just to solve the current conundrum of care in post acute environment.

Founder, Laportacare

Ajay has a background in biophysics and experience leading data science for fintech startups. After recently launching a food-as-medicine population health platform, he co-founded Rx Studio with the aim of improving outcome equity for those taking prescription medication. Rx Studio assists prescribers and pharmacists in creating personalized medication plans for optimal therapeutic effects while also offering  patients more agency in their own care. Ajay's favorite escape is to natural landscapes around the SF bay area, where both dogs and humans can roam freely.

Founder, Rx Studio

Christian support startups with general Intellectual Property Q&A on US Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights. Although he is not an attorney and do not provide legal advice, our firm, Cognition IP is renowned for IP advising, strategy, filing, portfolio management and the results expected from a top firm.

International Business Development, Cognition IP

Vince Kohli, An Empathy Scholar, is a Silicon Valley Early-stage Venture Capital Investor, 7X Tech Entrepreneur, Serial Business Builder, Product Visionary, Inventor, Problem Thinking Doer, Public Speaker, and Author.  Vince is a Global Impact Capitalist Maker, Exponential Impact Super Angel Investor focused on Web3, Metaverse, DeFi apps, Hyperautomation, Enterprise Deep Tech, AI and ML impacting Enterprise and Social Enterprise Industries. Vince is a special invited member of MIT Technology review Global Panel and business advisor at Meta.  Vince serves as a StartpUp Judge at MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Google, Samsung, IBM, DraperU, Founder Institute, Founders Space, California State University, StartX, and NASA.

StartUp Judge MIT * Exponential Global Impact Capitalist | MIT Technology Review Global Panel | Social Impact Angel Investor

Shelley is a seasoned executive driving digital transformation in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. With expertise in AI startups, she fuels revenue growth and assembles high-performing cross-functional teams. Shelley also serves on the boards of two nonprofits and an AI data science company, bridging tech, science, and healthcare seamlessly.

Sirica Therapeutics


Bellybaloo is a platform designed for expectant families, enabling them to access and share their ultrasound images and video clips via an app with friends and family. For ultrasound providers, integrating Bellybaloo into their services is straightforward and cost-free, elevating the patient experience during ultrasounds.

Our core mission is to deepen the bonding experience between parents and their unborn child. We achieve this by offering a convenient and accessible way to view, cherish, and share those irreplaceable ultrasound moments.

Mentoring Nurturement for Dynamic Youth Resilience and Restoration (MNDYRR, pronounced “mender”) application helps child welfare and education professionals assist at-promise youth through a teletherapy and community services platform to deliver better life and learning outcomes.

Our mission is to personalize every drug dose by empowering clinical decision makers, e.g. pharmacists, pharmacologists and physicians, with the latest pharmacogenomic and pharmacometric recommendations.

Medicai's technology (infrastructure, API, platform) generates high-value clinical pathways by fostering seamless connectivity and collaboration among healthcare professionals. Medicai's CEO will share insights and real-world examples into the platform's capabilities to streamline medical imaging processes, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and ultimately elevate patient experience, while meeting the demands of value-based care.

Ekikrit delivers inline safety & fitment for integrative products - enhancing marketability & new market entry for vendors. Practitioners & users are empowered with full digitization of EHR/EMR & participate in a lifetime dialog with risk profiling, closed loop tracking & disease management index.

Maxwell is a platform biotech company that is pioneering world-first “One drug for MANY bugs” innovations in synthetic biomimetics. My mimicking the core peptide of the human immune system (LL-37), the company is creating a ‘Synthetic Immune System’ with compounds that have enhanced potency, safety & stability to treat a broad spectrum of infectious pathogens - viral, bacterial, fungal and biofilm formations - to address large, unmet disease indications for both human and livestock populations.

Sirica Therapeutics has combined Advanced Robotics and Virtual Reality to develop a therapeutic device for Autism. The robotic machine provides a challenging gross motor activity. And virtual reality provides deeply immersive experiences. The combination of which is being used to develop task-oriented therapy for autism that is fun for the patient. The therapy can be remotely monitored by a specialist. Data from several machines can be combined to build algorithms to improve patient outcomes.

DermGPT, the first AI assistant customized for dermatologists, which leverages advanced generative AI to provide dermatologists with quick access to medical knowledge not readily available online, helping improve clinical efficiency and patient care.

AvoMD’s clinician support platform empowers healthcare organizations to standardize care by effortlessly incorporating guidelines and protocols into the clinical workflow. By centralizing the latest information and transforming it into actionable tools in the EHR (or outside of it), AvoMD simplifies everyday tasks like documentation, ordering, and decision-making for clinicians. At AvoMD, we improve quality of care with love, not alerts.

Molecular You is the first and only multi-biomarker analytics platform, providing decision support to clinicians and ACOs based on highly accurate predictive risk profiles in 26+ health areas. Their advanced low-cost molecular AI-powered blood analytics platform is driven by quantitative proteomics and metabolomics (800+ biomarker assay), that feed into an algorithm driven software program providing highly accurate predictive risk profiles for 26 health conditions with more in development.

Imagine an Rx vending machine in the doctor’s office, an airport, a convenience store where you can self-serve and have your medicine in hand within minutes. VendRx enables this by automating the prescription experience when and where you need medicine. Solution for 100+ million people (US) with poor pharmacy access. Simplicity and convenience; NOT friction, confusion, waiting until the pharmacy opens on Monday. Enables HCPs to profitably expand service footprint at a fraction of legacy costs.

Take-Pause: Reducing stress using virtual reality and mindfulness. 3 minutes of Take-Pause has been shown to reduce stress significantly. It was tested in a randomized control trial in the pediatric ER at Maimonides in Brooklyn. Now it is being used in a number of settings, from pediatric urgent care to adult inpatient rehab. It has been embedded into clinical workflow and data is collected, both on impact and usage. Results are promising.

"ColigoMed," an innovative digital care continuum platform that enables “at-home” care programs end-to-end. ColigoMed is a purpose-built platform designed to empower multi-disciplinary teams, manage complex clinical workflows and successfully drive patient outcomes.

In the current healthcare landscape,  care management solutions is a $19.28B opportunity growing at a CAGR of 16%. ColigoMed is sitting at the forefront of disrupting “at-home” care management with  GenAI enabled virtual assistance

The “black-box” clinician scheduling is eating our healthcare systems today. A transparent, fair, and collaborative clinician scheduling platform can empower our physicians and providers again leading to massive savings in time, money, and opportunity cost. Mesh AI is the fastest-growing “glass-box” scheduling tool and category leader that can provide RoIs of 10-80. Since 2015, Mesh AI has been automating the most challenging call and clinic schedules other software tools fail to support.

CharmHealth, a leading health technology platform, invites all innovators to join the Innovation Challenge. This exclusive event offers healthcare innovators a remarkable platform to present their ideas to technology leaders, healthcare professionals, and investors through an engaging 2-day poster pitch session. Immerse yourself in this unparalleled experience, to connect directly with end users, expedite go-to-market strategies, secure crucial funding, and benefit from invaluable mentoring!

Jan 11
Jan 12
Jan 13


Building digital health at the Governments and health system level

8:15 AM PT

Most Common mistakes when raising venture capital as a medical product/service

8:30 AM PT

Collaboration over Competition: Creating a standout healthcare product in a saturated market

8:45 AM PT

Healthcare 4.0

9:00 AM PT

Device Commercialization 101

9:30 AM PT

Panel Discussion


9:45 AM PT

Jan 11, Thursday, 2024

Plenary Session II (CME)

Stem Cells: The Regenerative Revolution for Low Back Pain

10:00 AM PT

Membership medicine: clinical Innovation within employer sponsored health plans

10:30 AM PT

Building Bridges: Closing the Gap Between Physicians and Healthcare Innovators

10:45 AM PT

Dynamic Precision: a new frontier in cancer drug discovery

11:00 AM PT

Sleep in silico: Opportunities for sleep health at scale

11:15 AM PT

Drug Repurposing

11:30 AM PT

5 practice tools to create the ideal career & life

11:45 AM PT

Why are we failing to personalize? The Importance of Augmenting the Decision Link with Decision Augmentation and Decision Intelligence.

12:00 PM PT

Plenary Session I (CME)

Attend the Largest Physician Innovation Event from the comfort of  your home.
Access top-tier health innovation education, network with the innovation ecosystem, and obtain all the CME you need for the year.

Virtual Conference


Thanks so much for several valuable days of content.  We all appreciate all of your efforts.

Greg Buchert, MD, MPH

This conference is absolutely my go to now to feel hope and get energized.

Harjot Singh, MD

I have truly enjoyed this conference and listening to each of the panelists speak. Inspiring, educational, informative, and empowering.

Ashley Vanni

This is one of the best conferences I ever attended, because of all the insights on Doctors as innovators.

Hanan El-Mazahy

I was very honored to be asked to speak at the InnovatorMD Global Summit. What an incredible group of professionals! Huge kudos to the InnovatorMD team for pulling off an amazing event!

Brian Hazelgren, MD


This conference is absolutely my go to now to feel hope and get energized. I think that InnovatorMD should think about seriously reaching out to medical schools and residency programs.

Harjot Singh, MD

I was very honored to be asked to speak at the InnovatorMD Global Summit. What an incredible group of professionals! Huge kudos to the InnovatorMD team for pulling off an amazing event!

Brian Hazelgren

An impressive group of physician #entrepreneurs and many other #innovators and early adopters assembled for what turned out to be a robust and energizing conference. 

Ann M. Richardson, MBA

Thanks so much for several valuable days of content.  We all appreciate all of your efforts.

Greg Buchert, MD, MPH

I have truly enjoyed this conference and listening to each of the panelists speak. Inspiring, educational, informative, and empowering.

Ashley Vanni

Presence of the Heavy hitters in the Health Innovation Industry!

Patrick Damaso

  • This conference is all Online via Zoom, except for the Reception which is In-person.

  • Yes, If you register for the conference you will be able to access the recording after the conference.

  • This conference is for the entire Healthcare community, Our audience is generally 50% physicians and 50% are from the Healthcare industry, Investors, Engineers, Business owners, etc.

  • Please fill out the speaker application here, and we will get back to you.

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