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The Largest Physician Innovation Event!

Keynotes | Startups | Panels | CME
July 13 – 15, Online via Zoom

Do you want to get a peek into the future of healthcare? Participate in the largest network of physician innovators, thinkers and doers. Hear visionaries speak, interact with peers and get inspired to take action. Expand your mindset and explore the possibilities!

Our aim at InnovatorMD is to deliver a world-class, learning experience that inspires change with industry transforming ideas and innovations!

Change is happening everywhere in healthcare. Although physicians are considered the medical science leaders in healthcare, they are not seen as the ones pushing for change and improvement. Physicians have been on the receiving end of change as it happens to them, but not necessarily driving it.


We have hand picked physician innovators and healthcare startups working on some amazing things in different areas from around the world. InnovatorMD World Congress 2023 is an attempt to showcase their work, inspire others to learn and ignite innovation in healthcare, as it desperately needs the innovation coming from physicians.


Who Attends?

Healthcare Innovators

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Speakers & Influencers

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Mentors & Sponsors

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Startup Investors

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Developers & Entrepreneurs

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Service Providers, Corporate & Ecosystem Partners

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Rethinking the Office

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Have you had these thoughts?

  • Do you want to make a difference in healthcare but don't know how?

  • Do you wonder what other physicians are doing to create income outside of medicine?

  • As physicians, our jobs are not as stable as they used to be. What additional skills do you need to stabilize it?

  • The past years have shown that physician income is not guaranteed. What other income sources can you generate?

  • Healthcare startups are popping up everywhere. How can you as a physician be a part of the action?

You Are Not Alone

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds. You would want to be on the right side of change.

Join us at the InnovatorMD World Congress 2023 and connect with people at the largest Physician Innovation event of the year. People in various disciplines, from all over the world. Find your next team-mate, business partner, investor, or advisor.

Change is happening everywhere in healthcare. Be prepared. You don't want to be left behind.

Message from your fellow Physician!

Message from Uli

  • Yes, the conference will be live.

  • Yes, If you register for the conference you will be able to access the recording after the conference.

  • This conference is for the entire Healthcare community, Our audience is generally 50% physicians and 50% are from the Healthcare industry, Investors, Engineers, Business owners, etc.

  • Please fill out the speaker application here, and we will get back to you.

Our Sponsor

CharmHealth, a leading health technology platform, invites all innovators to join the Innovation Challenge. This exclusive event offers healthcare innovators a remarkable platform to present their ideas to technology leaders, healthcare professionals, and investors through an engaging 2-day poster pitch session. Immerse yourself in this unparalleled experience, to connect directly with end users, expedite go-to-market strategies, secure crucial funding, and benefit from invaluable mentoring!

July 13 – 15, 2023

Online via Zoom

Attend the Largest Physician Innovation Event from the comfort of  your home.
Access top-tier health innovation education, network with the innovation ecosystem, and obtain all the CME you need for the year.

Online Conference


Member of Congress, House of Representatives

MIT Sloan Fellow, MIT

Founder & CEO, The Well Home

Principle, HealthWiseFirst

Thomas Price, MD

Senior Vice President, Advanced Tech at Edwards Lifesciences

 Founder & CEO, UBERDOC

Cardiologist, Organizational Well-Being & Resiliency Leader

Sr. Medical Director (3ive Labs), Co-founder (XN Health), Clinical Advisor (TMC Innovation)3ive Labs/XN Health/TMC Innovation

Principal and Co-Founder, Organizational Wellbeing Solutions

Co-Founder/CEO, High Enroll, LLC

Advisor, Healent Health

Chief Health Office, Oncology Care Partners

Founder, HPEC

Founder & CEO, OUI Medical

Founding Managing Partner, Telosity Ventures

Co-Founder and CEO, Oatmeal Health

Co-Founder & CEO, Luminare

Sarma Velamuri, MD

CEO, Mogefors Consulting

Founder, Sirica Therapeutics

Founder, Silibrain

Consultant, Mentor, Entrepreneur

CEO, Gpt Podcast

BOD QuantPi, BOA Rarebase, Modulus Therapeutics, Oisin Biotechnologies

CEO, AdoctorsjourneyLLC

President, Dir. of Patent Strategy, Aurora Patents

Co-Founder, Rehabilitation Health

Founder & CEO, H7 BioCapital

Co-Founder, Rehabilitation Health

CEO, Avid Sports Medicine

Founder, Archimedes International, LLC

Co-founder & CEO, VALR Fitness

CEO / Solo GP, Quadrant Eye / KillaKwinn Fund

Technology Strategy Director, Elevance Health

Fractional Chief Data Officer | Advisory board member, Kukuyeva Consulting

Co-founder, President, & CEO, Mesh AI

Co-founder & Chief Patient Officer, Belong Health

VP, Early MedTech Development, Alira Health

Chief Commercial Officer, VendRX

Director, Venture Investments, Labcorp

Managing Partner & VP, CharmHealth 

Bioverge Digital Health Fund

Frequently asked questions

Thanks so much for several valuable days of content.  We all appreciate all of your efforts.

Greg Buchert, MD, MPH

This conference is absolutely my go to now to feel hope and get energized.

Harjot Singh, MD

I have truly enjoyed this conference and listening to each of the panelists speak. Inspiring, educational, informative, and empowering.

Ashley Vanni

This is one of the best conferences I ever attended, because of all the insights on Doctors as innovators.

Hanan El-Mazahy

I was very honored to be asked to speak at the InnovatorMD Global Summit. What an incredible group of professionals! Huge kudos to the InnovatorMD team for pulling off an amazing event!

Brian Hazelgren, MD


Startup Showcase

HealthPals is pioneering Precision Prevention. Individuals and patients should be identified and treated effectively before costly, life-altering events happen.

CLINT uses Medical Science and Machine Learning to automate and personalize treatment pathways at an individual and population level -- producing actionable, evidence-based insights about what should be done clinically, when, and why.

They have run CLINT through over 1.4 billion patient life-years of medical record data and work with some of the largest and most respected health systems, medical societies, pharma companies, and technology partners. They are VC backed.

Imagine an Rx vending machine in the doctor’s office, an airport, a convenience store where you can self-serve and have your medicine in hand within minutes. VendRx enables this by automating the prescription experience when and where you need medicine. Solution for 100+ million people (US) with poor pharmacy access. Simplicity and convenience; NOT friction, confusion, waiting until the pharmacy opens on Monday. Enables HCPs to profitably expand service footprint at a fraction of legacy costs.

The “black-box” clinician scheduling is eating our healthcare systems today. A transparent, fair, and collaborative clinician scheduling platform can empower our physicians and providers again leading to massive savings in time, money, and opportunity cost. Mesh AI is the fastest-growing “glass-box” scheduling tool and category leader that can provide RoIs of 10-80. Since 2015, Mesh AI has been automating the most challenging call and clinic schedules other software tools fail to support.

Healent Health is a patient engagement platform leveraging RPM/RTM tools to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction. The goals of this presentation include to discuss our journey as a digital health company operating in the MSK space from inception/conception, to MVP, to traction, to rapid growth.

HPEC is building cutting edge technology that is putting each individual physician in control of their data. This is only made possible through new secure protocols called decentralized identity, which help restore physician autonomy by decreasing third party influence on our practices. With decentralized identity, we can own and control the referral networks and clawback what’s been taken from us.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition with millions affected annually. Early detection and treatment are vital for improved survival rates. AI and machine learning offer opportunities to enhance sepsis diagnosis. However, challenges and risks exist, including limited clinical benefits and alert fatigue. This session explores AI in sepsis detection, covering data types, algorithms, and model development challenges.

Avid Sports is a Cloud Clinic that helps doctors practice sports medicine.
Sports Medicine is not just for athletes. Musculoskeletal conditions affect more than 50% of adults and cost our healthcare system more than any other chronic condition (>$400B). Traditional medical clinics offer piecemeal care that doesn’t solve most issues and creates excessive waste. We offer fully integrated software + services to help every doctor’s office offer sports medicine in-house

Digital Health Tools and Therapeutics for Health Professionals, Health Enthusiasts and Patients by Health Professionals, Health Enthusiasts and Patients

Silibrain develops software and technological solutions to fix our world's problems through technology, thus increasing the life standard of the communities where such solutions are deployed.

OUI Medical has developed a scope to examine abdomen cavity under local anaesthesia in an ambulatory setting, Which is cost-effective, has better clinical outcome & Convenient and Quick.
It is a novel device and patented , we have the device ready, completed our cadaver study and have proved the concept with early procedures on patients, In the process of filing for FDA clearance and expect to hit the market in next 9 months.

High Enroll is a first-of-its-kind, versatile platform that solves the challenges of the largest operational and financial challenge in clinical research, enrollment of patients into clinical research studies. The platform is being designed for the pharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations, clinical research sites, healthcare providers, and patients.


13 July 2023, Thursday

8:00 AM -12:00 PM PT

CME Sessions

Online via Zoom

14 July 2023, Friday

8:00 AM -12:00 PM PT

CME Sessions

Online via Zoom

15 July 2023, Saturday

8:00 AM -12:00 PM PT

CME Session & Startup Showcase

Online via Zoom

15 July 2023, Saturday

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PT

Meet & Greet


San Francisco, CA

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