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This experience is powered by CMEfy – an AI-powered platform that directs learners along a pathway to capture reflections at the point of inspiration, point of care. Clinicians may earn CME/CE credit via ReflectCE, the accredited activity portal. Learn more at 

CME Guidelines

- This CME experience doesn't require you to fill out long questionnaires or forms about room conditions, etc. We've built a platform that lets you simply reflect on topics (we call them "nudges") relevant to the conversation & session.
- To earn credits, simply open each link below and reflect on the "nudges" presented. Share how the concept(s) from each session applies to your day-to-day. Each reflection unlocks 0.5 CME — just make sure, in good faith, to reflect on how it applies to you! We want to foster learning that reinforces these concepts for YOU - and unlocks CMEs more meaningfully.
- Tip: Keep this window open so you can open each CMEfy link in a new tab. You'll also be able to review any on-demand content on that page, as a refresher, before you reflect!

How do I access Internet Point-of-Care CME from this platform?

Once you have reflected on all the relevant prompts below (the CMEfy links), you may claim a CME certificate and download a learner transcript at the Learner Hub 

Claiming your CME Certificate

If you’re having issues with NPI / account creation, please try a new browser (sometimes firewall / network settings can interfere).

If you have questions about claiming your CME credits, downloading your certificate and learner transcript, please email

Questions? Please reach out to

CME Links

Joel Park, MD, MS

Securing your Digital Health Application when Scaling Up!

Manuel Menendez, MD, Ph.D.

Cerebrospinal fluid as a target-fluid for therapeutic interventions

Yan Chow, MD, MBA

Conversational AI and Digital Assistants

Vinod Dasa, MD

Physician Innovators

Elsie Koh, MD, MHL

Top three must do’s to become influential and engaging as a physician innovator.

Gordon Chen, MD

Transformative Care: The Future of Healthcare

Sapna Shah-Haque, MD, MBA

Physician Burnout: The Perceived Culture of Medicine, Reality, and Creating One's Own Reality Through Personal Change

Gurpreet Padam, MD

Compassion As Medicine

Anthony Chang, MD, MBA - Keynote

AI in Healthcare: Lessons and Directions after the First Decade

Alexandre Lebrun

Superpowered Healthcare: The opportunity of AI-driven physician productivity.

Priscilla Christie

Business of Health Care

John Shufeldt, MD, JD

Venture Capital for Healthcare

Shubhra Jain, MD, MBA

Navigating this macro environment

Mick Connors, MD

Inspiring Physician Innovators

Daniel Kraft, MD

Future of Healthcare

Madhu Shetti, MD

Funding your Start-up

Paula Muto, MD

Healthcare Consumerism

Patrick Carroll, MD

Updates in Direct to Consumer Virtual Health and Wellness

Arian Nachat, MD

The healthcare industrial complex as a case study in anti-trust law.

Eric Bricker, MD

Digital Health Sales Training

Joshua Tamayo-Sarver, MD, Ph.D.

The Innovator's Product Journey: The predictable obstacles and techniques to overcome them

Behrooz Behbod, MB ChB MSc

10 Reasons Why Most Health Entrepreneurs Get Stuck (and what to do about it)

Bhargav Raman, MD

Doing Prior Authorization The Right Way

Fran Ayalasomayajula, MPH, PMP

Healing and Wellbeing through the use of Multi-sensory Stimulation Therapy

Harvey Castro, MD, MBA

Environmental vs Genetic Component in Entrepreneurship

Deepak Gupta

Starting a company in difficult time

Gabriel Baldinucci

Collective Action to Improve the Lives of the Homeless

Orrin Ailloni-Charas, MD, MBA

Getting VC funding

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