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  • What does InnovatorMD do?
    InnovatorMD is a healthcare innovation company that serves physicians and healthcare innovators, to amplify their voice, build skills and extend their influence through various programs.
  • We are a startup / I am not a physician / I am a resident. What is in it for me?
    We serve all members of the healthcare innovation ecosystem whether you are a subject matter expert, a student, an entrepreneur, a startup, a business person, a service provider, an investor or a sponsor.
  • How can InnovatorMD help? What are the offerings?
    We conduct meetups, workshops, courses, and conferences. We provide exclusive educational content to our members. We use videos to provide Continuing Medical Education credits, live events for networking, and social media tools to spread your message far and wide. This is a place to learn, teach and grow.
  • Why should we associate with InnovatorMD?
    InnovatorMD is the largest and the most vibrant community of physician innovators. These are front line physicians, early adopters, powerful influencers, brilliant researchers, change makers, and innovative thinkers. This is where an amalgamation of various specialties, fields of study, industries and a variety of expertise come together to birth new ideas and ventures. You will have a front row seat with an opportunity to learn from the best, share with like-minded colleagues and shape the next generation of innovators.
  • How do we associate with InnovatorMD?
    InnovatorMD offers a variety of entry points depending on what you are looking for. For participants, we offer various levels of memberships. For presenters we offer various channels and opportunities to teach. For startups we provide opportunities to showcase their venture to get feedback or funding. For sponsors we have various levels of sponsorship, including special programs for visibility, influence and engagement with the audience.
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