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The Largest Physician Innovation Event!

July 11-13, 2024, Online via Zoom

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At InnovatorMD, our mission is to provide an unparalleled learning experience that ignites change through revolutionary ideas and innovations that transform the industry!

The landscape of healthcare is evolving rapidly, and while physicians are often regarded as leaders in medical science, they are not always recognized as catalysts for change and progress. Often, physicians find themselves on the receiving end of change rather than driving it forward.

That's why we've carefully curated a selection of physician innovators and healthcare startups from across the globe, each working on groundbreaking projects in various fields. InnovatorMD World Congress 2024 serves as a platform to showcase their remarkable work, inspire others to embrace innovation, and spark a movement towards positive change in healthcare, led by physicians themselves.

Have you ever pondered:

  • What avenues can I explore to truly impact healthcare?

  • What fresh opportunities lie beyond conventional medical practice?

  • How can I safeguard my career amidst the constant evolution of healthcare?

  • Where might I discover supplementary income sources as a physician?

  • And how can I dive into the thriving healthcare startup realm?

You're not alone on this journey! Embrace the technological revolution and position yourself on the forefront of change. Join us at InnovatorMD World Congress 2024 and connect with brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds and disciplines across the globe. Whether you're seeking a partner, investor, mentor, or simply inspiration, this is where your next big breakthrough begins!

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Clinician scheduling is a complicated task where hundreds of hours of valuable physician, fellow, resident, and admin time gets wasted each year in each unit. An unrewarding and inefficient task for leaders that never satisfies colleagues and is deemed by most as their least desirable responsibility, clinician scheduling is highly related to job satisfaction, wellness, and even burnout.

"ColigoMed," an innovative digital care continuum platform that enables “at-home” care programs end-to-end. ColigoMed is a purpose-built platform designed to empower multi-disciplinary teams, manage complex clinical workflows and successfully drive patient outcomes.
In the current healthcare landscape, care management solutions is a $19.28B opportunity growing at a CAGR of 16%. ColigoMed is sitting at the forefront of disrupting “at-home” care management with GenAI enabled virtual assistance

Leverage the power of the Thaddeus Cold Chain System that enables you to safely and securely transport temperature-sensitive medical products without spoilage.
Our mission is to transform the transportation of life-saving vaccines and biologics into a seamless journey, ensuring their safety and efficacy every step of the way.

Tomowave is a startup company focusing on optoacoustic tomography. They develop technologies for biomedical uses, particularly to enhance medical imaging for cancer and vascular diseases. Tomowave's tech merges optical and acoustic imaging to analyze biological tissues, aiding diagnostics and treatments. Their systems, designed for both preclinical and clinical research, offer safe, precise, and cost-effective imaging solutions compared to methods involving radiation or toxic agents.

Current devices used for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries, i.e. bed sores, pressure ulcers, etc. for the lower extremity are almost universally "the boot" or some similar iteration. Ulcer Solutions, LLC and founder Dr. Christopher Finley, a board certified ER doc and Wound Care specialist, have created an innovative, patented device that is preferred 11:1 by patients who have used a conventional offloading boot compared to our offerings -- the Heel Keeper and Ankle Keeper.


SoundWise , a Novel Pediatrician created early childhood automated, scalable, AI interactive Neurodevelopment Assessment with intervention for children to become successful in school, confident in sports, and social emotional interactions. We are your child's personalized customized AI tutor.

"Say No to Undiagnosed Heart Failure!" HAIF Inc has solved the problem of predicting heart failure in advance (upto 3 months) that allows asymptomatic people to get preventive care for heart failure. Run by.a veteran team that has a recent prior successful exit in the cardiac space,HAIF can democratize the prevention of Heart Failure WorldWide. The company has completed clinical trials and post clinical validation with more than 95% accuracy.

UnitedHealthcare’s recent breach made patient data vulnerable. With Yottasecure’s solution, the vulnerabilities would have been detected autonomously without relying solely on CVSS scores consuming critical bandwidth resources. It identifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities in real time across the network facilitating proactive mitigation strategies without disrupting operational efficiency.

Torque3 has developed a breakthrough in neurorehabilitation using deeply immersive simulation task oriented therapy. The patient experiences the perception of risk during our full body, multimodal approach which enhances general neuroplasticity, initiating significant neural remapping to restore lost functionality. Advanced robotics ease accessibility and compensate for impairments so the patient does not feel impaired will in treatment.

Our lineup of speakers is leading the charge for change, and now it's your chance to stand alongside them on stage. Share your expertise, showcase your innovations, and become a driving force in shaping the future of healthcare.

Our Speakers

Reddy for Kansas

Dr. Prasanth Reddy is a triple-board certified physician in internal medicine, medical oncology, and hematology. He practiced cancer medicine and served in leadership positions for more than a decade in various clinical settings, in academia, as well as in private practice in the Kansas City metropolitan area. When the unthinkable happened on 9/11, Prasanth decided to serve his country and joined the United States Air Force Reserve as a military physician.

Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

"Dr. Martin Makary is professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the author of two New York Times bestselling books. Dr. Makary served in leadership at the World Health Organization and is a member of the National Academy of Medicine. A public policy researcher, he leads a Johns Hopkins initiative on the “re-design of health care” to make health care more reliable, more appropriate, and more affordable, especially for vulnerable populations. He is the recipient of the 2020 Business Book of the Year Award for his book, The Price We Pay, about the high cost of health care and the grassroots movement to increase transparency. For his work on this topic, Dr. Makary was invited to be one of the architects of the recent federal hospital price transparency rule, which requires every U.S. hospital to post cash prices for common shoppable services and requires insurance companies to disclose their secret discounts. His prior, book Unaccountable, was turned into the popular T.V show The Resident, which just completed production after 6 seasons. His newest book, BLIND SPOTS, challenges conventional medical dogma to educate people about their health. Clinically, Dr. Makary is the chief of Islet Transplant Surgery at Johns Hopkins and is the recipient of the Nobility in Science Award from the National Pancreas Foundation. He has been a visiting professor at over 25 medical schools, has published over 250 peer-reviewed scientific articles on the appropriateness of care, the evaluation of new medical interventions, and health care costs. He was the first editor-in-chief of Medpage Today and is currently on the editorial board of Sensible Medicine. He writes for the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post and is a frequent medical commentator on television. Dr. Makary is a graduate of Bucknell University, Jefferson Medical College, and the Harvard School of Public Health. He completed a surgical residency at Georgetown University and his sub-specialty training at Johns Hopkins."

Founder & CEO, UBERDOC

Paula Muto, M.D., F.A.C.S., is the founder and CEO of UBERDOC. A graduate of Amherst College and New York Medical College, Dr. Muto is a practicing vascular and general surgeon in solo practice for over 20 years and the owner of a successful Vein Center. She is an outspoken advocate for patient care and is passionate about women's health. She has emerged as a powerful voice for price transparency and protecting the doctor-patient relationship.

Author of How To Make a Killing

Tom Mueller PhD is a New York Times-bestselling investigative journalist whose work explores the potentially deadly intersections of healthcare, finance and whistleblowing. Before journalism, Tom earned a doctorate in history at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, graduated summa cum laude from Harvard with a BA, and worked as an associate in mergers and acquisitions at Goldman Sachs. His latest book, How to Make a Killing: Blood, Death and Dollars in American Medicine, is an exposé of US dialysis.

Founder, The Purposeful MD

Dr. Laura Suttin is a Board Certified family physician, an ICF-trained and certified coach, a physician executive, a consultant, and an entrepreneur. She is certified through both the Physician Coaching Institute and The Insight Coaching Community. She launched Purposeful MD in 2021, with the mission of empowering physicians to create the lives they love without guilt. In her spare time, she enjoys running, triathlon, travel, and glamping with her family in their travel trailer.

CEO, Medical Intelligence Ops

AI Doctor: Healing with Data, One Byte at a Time" encapsulates my journey from NYC's streets to the forefront of AI in healthcare. As a seasoned physician and former healthcare CEO, Harvey now advises on AI's integration into healthcare, ensuring it meets clinical needs while fostering innovation. His work spans orchestrating AI adoption, bridging tech-healthcare gaps, and enhancing healthcare management. He shares his insights to drive AI's transformative potential in healthcare.

President & Director of Patent Strategy, Aurora Consulting LLC

Dr. Ashley Sloat is a USPTO-registered patent practitioner specializing in the development and management of patent portfolios for startup ventures and emerging growth companies. With her hands-on approach and intimate understanding of each client's business, Dr. Sloat is committed to increasing the value of patent portfolios while reducing overall legal costs.

Vice President, Premier Inc.

Dr. Apurv Gupta is an expert in driving transformational change for leading healthcare systems. He is a thought leader in physician engagement, change management, and leadership development. He leads projects in clinical operating model redesign, length of stay/ throughput, clinical variation, quality & safety structure, clinical documentation, and hospitalist program optimization. He is currently Vice President, Advisory Services at Premier Inc.

CEO, Digital Risk Compliance Solutions

Dr. Erkeda DeRouen is a transformative force in healthcare innovation. As a consultant at Digital Risk Compliance Solutions, she pioneers intelligent navigation of the digital health landscape. She serves as Chief Medical Officer at Emme. Dr. DeRouen's multifaceted influence encompasses leadership, podcasting, best-selling authorship, and an impactfulTEDx talk, driving her mission to revolutionize health equity and safety in the digital age.

Co-Founder & Venture Partner, Med-Tech World Summit / IKIGAI Ventures

MD with a Surgical Background. Graduated in 2017. Graduated with an MRCS Degree by Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. Master in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship from the University of Malta. Founded the Med-Tech World Summit. Venture Partner at IKIGAI Ventures & Lifeblood Capital + Talent.

Executive Director, Point B

Expertise includes digital health, physician change management & training, Epic & Cerner EHR implementations, clinical documentation improvement, enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) programs, virtual care delivery, value-based care (VBC), Medicaid programs, public sector, supply chain optimization, enterprise transformation, clinical operations, private-equity due diligence, patient/consumer experience, quality improvement efforts, AI and clinical decision support software.

Principal, SaMD Practice Lead, HTD

Weronika Michaluk is a seasoned Biomedical Engineer with extensive experience in medical device software design and SaMD strategy. She holds a Master’s in International Business, an MBA, and a Doctorate in Public Health, specializing in Agile Development of SaMD. Her broad expertise spans across digital health and strategic development within the medical device sector. Currently, as the SaMD Practice Lead at HTD, Weronika ensures top-tier product quality and customer satisfaction.

Retired Emergency Physician, Author

Drew Remignanti, MD, MPH, wrote The Healing Connection: A Partnership for Your Health from his dual perspective of a 40-year career emergency physician and of a 50+year chronic autoimmune disease patient. He was educated by Dartmouth College, Rutgers Medical School, the Medical College of Wisconsin, 15 hospitalizations, and a major disabling stroke in 1992 at age 38. This book is for the benefit of those of us who are involuntarily enduring medical suffering, and those trying to help them.

CEO & Founder, Pygmalion Health

Nzinga Lowe is an experienced global strategic advisor, clinical healthcare leader, health equity officer, and international speaker. She has traveled the world leading initiatives to: create opportunities for minority and women-led start-ups (healthcare, health tech, etc.) to gain funding, diversify portfolios of international VC firms, improve health outcomes for underserved populations, implement scalable value-based care processes and initiatives, and increase care performance.

CEO, AdoctorsjourneyLLC

Dr. Miguel Villagra is an Internal Medicine-Hospitalist-Telemedicine Physician. An entrepreneur and healthcare innovator and founder of Adoctorsjourney, as an expert coach in career transition and positive intelligence supports the journey of physicians and healthcare entrepreneurs. He has several advisory positions in healthcare startups.

Founder & Innovation Strategist, Fire Up Innovation

Helene Cahen, M.S., is an innovation strategist, trainer, facilitator, and speaker with over 20 years of experience helping companies navigate innovation challenges. She founded Fire Up Innovation Consulting ( where she guides organizations to understand innovation, create innovative new products/services, build effective teams, and support a user-centered culture. She is also a coach for the Haas Berkeley School of Business. She is the author of Fire Up Innovation: Spark

CEO, Forward Slash / Health

Former medical device product manager, responsible for $100M+ business lines. Founded Medical device company and then sold within 2 years. Currently writing The Healthcare Breakdown, a newsletter focused illuminating the business of healthcare, healthcare finance, and relevant issues facing the system. Founder and CEO of Forward Slash / Health an MSO built for physicians to remain independent and grow their practices in a way that works for them.

Founder and CEO, Noleus Technologies

Dr. Swarna Balasubramaniam is a board certified Colorectal Surgeon who, after 20 years of practice, left clinical practice to be the CEO of Noleus Technologies. She grew up in Boston, went to Wellesley College and then attended the Mayo Alix School of Medicine. She then trained in General Surgery at the Mayo Clinic and did a colorectal fellowship at the University of Southern California.


Dr. Faisal Mirza is a practicing Orthopedic Surgeon, Entrepreneur in the Bay area who trained at University of Western Ontario and McMaster University. He was prior Stanford Faculty, FDA Medical Officer and Amgen Global Medical Director and now in clinical practice while building a wearable intelligence company. Dr. Mirza is an artist, author and loving father who enjoys tennis, cycling, swimming and hiking.

Principal & Founder, Dyad Engineering

Dr. Kate Stephenson is an engineer, researcher, public speaker, and writer. An experienced educator, she holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. After 20 years of engineering and 60 different medical devices, Kate founded a strategic consulting firm, Dyad Engineering, that works exclusively on new technologies and products in the medical field. Dyad provides strategic innovation expertise to support life science products crossing the gap from concept to manufacturing.

Founder, Silicon Zombies

Nick Larson is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and live podcast host. A Silicon Valley native, he has a passion for people, technology, and surfing. He is the co-founder of two successful companies: Willow (AI SaaS; backed by Google) and OnePiece Work (Co-Working space; backed by UpHonest Capital). He is a Supply Chain exec, LinkedIn Top Voice, and medtech advisor.

CEO & Founder, HealthTech Strategies, LLC

Suzy Engwall is the CEO and Founder of HealthTech Strategies, LLC, a boutique consulting firm. Suzy works with teams from multiple areas within the healthcare innovation ecosystem including startups, hospitals, healthcare organizations and investors. She is on the board of advisors for IgniteGTM, serves as a board member for Actuated Medical Inc and is an an Alumni Board Member at ASU Edson college of Nursing and Innovation. She is also the host of the MedTech Minis series on YouTube.

President/CEO, MESH Scheduling Inc.

Prof. Shahram Yousefi (PhD:UWaterloo) is an academic entrepreneur and global algorithm expert with more than 130 publications and patents. He has held positions at the University of Toronto, Canada, Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne, Switzerland, Jilin University, China, University of California, Santa Cruz, and Queen's University, Canada, where he is currently a full professor. Shahram has co-founded 3 healthcare startups since 2014 and is currently the CEO of MESH Scheduling Inc.:MeshAI.

CMO, Bloom Standard

Dr. Abo is a seasoned Physician-Innovator with 20+ years of experience at the intersection of technology, healthcare, and business. As a Harvard-trained Pediatric Emergency Physician, she has developed strategies to integrate emerging technologies into clinical practice. Dr. Abo specializes in MedTech, digital health, artificial intelligence, wearables, and real-world data applications. She currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer of Bloom Standard and is on the Board of Picterus.

Co-Founder, TomoWave Laboratories, Inc.

Jim Wu, MD, MBA, has been involved in international trade, import, export, procurement, outsourcing, business development, market expansion, distribution network establishment, and cultural consulting for over 25 years. He was recently accepted into the Health Tech Fall 2023 FI Core Program by The Founder Institute as the Co-Founder of TomoWave Laboratories. Mr. Wu earned his M.D. from Peking University Medical School and an MBA from the University of Houston.

Assistant Clinical Ventures Officer, UC Davis Health

Dr. Larissa May is Professor of Emergency Medicine and Assistant Clinical Ventures Officer at the University of California Davis Health. She is currently an Innovation Fellow in the Center for Diagnostic Innovation where she supports clinical development of assays, registrational trials, and post-tmarket implementation studies. She has served as an investigator on multiple studies and is a clinical advisor to the Berkeley SkyDeck and an independent consultant to multiple biotech companies..

Chairman & CEO, SageMedic Corp

Dr. Chris Apfel, the founder and CEO of SageMedic (SAGE), has an illustrious career spanning academia, healthcare, and industry. Given the limitations of genomic testing to personalize cancer therapy, SAGE has developed a novel functional profiling cancer diagnostic platform to take precision medicine to the next level. His credo is “Every Patient Deserves the Best Possible Treatment.” Dr. Apfel received his MD/PhD from the University of Giessen, Germany, and his MBA from Wharton, UPenn.

CEO, CMO & Founder, Cubismi

Dr. Moira Schieke is CEO, CMO & Founder of Cubismi, a cancer imaging and MRI expert, board-certified clinical radiologist, and chief inventor and designer of DecisionFlow-3D™. She is a passionate advocate for patient rights and for breaking down legacy barriers to improved care. As a practicing radiologist, she has powerful insights into how a revolutionary new medical imaging paradigm can empower physicians’ decision making and lead to improved patient outcomes.

CEO, Ulcer Solutions, LLC

Dr. Wuest is the past President of Slocum Orthopedics, PC, where he led the construction and completion of an 80,000 sq. ft. musculoskeletal center and launched an regional Orthopedic Trauma Service. He previously served as the CMO for Centene Corporation's Oregon Region -- managing Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial plans for over 250,000 covered lives. He is an Advisor to Cascade ProDrug, Willamette Valley Capital, and led Agate Resources in a $146M transaction with CNC.

Founder, SoundWise

Co-Founder of SoundWise, early childhood Pediatrician created Neurodevelopmental Assessment and Intervention utilizing AI Founder of Northport Pediatrics NY Fellowship in child and adolescent Psychiatry Pediatric primary care Co-Founder of Independent Pediatric Collaborative of Long Island Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Instructor Department of Pediatrics at NYU Grossman School of Medicine Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Stony Brook School of Medicine

Founder & CEO, ColigoMed

Naidu Annamaneni, the visionary founder of ColigoMed. Naidu is a serial entrepreneur and technology executive who has several patents in his name and has pioneered AI innovations in several industries. His technology expertise in connecting large data systems together and own personal battles led him to the ColigoMed vision. His vision has already been backed by several high profile physicians, healthcare executives and silicon valley technology executives with a pre-seed funding of over $3M

Founder, Archimedes International, LLC

Ean Bett is a family medicine physician who believes the future practice of medicine will include collaboration between patients, physicians, and Artificial Intelligence. Partnering with organizations like The Whole Brain Foundation and using The Atkinson Conceptual Framework for Instructional Systems Design and Development will take us in that direction

General Partner, Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

Jay is a GP at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health, a leading early stage health-tech venture fund.  Wavemaker 360 has invested in 60 companies over the past 6 years. Distinguishing Wavemaker 360 are its 300+ Limited Partners (investors), most of whom are healthcare organizations or healthcare executives, giving it an unfair advantage when it comes to deal flow, diligence capabilities, and most importantly providing commercial support to its portfolio companies.

CEO, Automated Clinical Guidelines, LLC

Dr. Dew has a background in health IT, entrepreneurship & product development including 8 patents. Past service includes FDA Entrepreneur-in-Residence, SBIR reviewer, Hospital Leadership (Chief Ortho, Staff President/Chief of staff), President Florida Ortho Society, AAOS Board of Councilors, & Professor Ortho Surgery UCF COM. Dr. Dew is CEO of Automated Clinical Guidelines (ACG). Working in stealth mode, ACG’s mission is to organize the world’s medical knowledge making it useful & valuable.

Bharat Vijay


Bharat Vijay is the CTO of HAIF Inc based on the groundbreaking IP invented by Dr Abhijit Ray that can predict heart failure from an ECG. Dr Abhijit Ray is a cardiologist , fellow from Harvard and John Hopkins, with his MD/DM from Edinburgh where he worked directly under John Hampton who is considered by many as the father of ECG. Bharat Vijay is a technologist who built the data engine at Yahoo!, search at Amazon and recently the entire HAIF team has a successful exit in the cardiology space.

Founder & President, Thaddeus Medical Systems, Inc.

Founder and President of Thaddeus Medical Systems, Inc (TMSI). I am a M.D. / Ph.D. turned entrepreneur to prevent medical errors in Clinical Pathology and Pharmacology.

Global Healthcare Leader, Automation Anywhere

Yan Chow, MD, MBA, is the Global Healthcare Leader at Automation Anywhere, an AI automation leader. Previously, he was Digital Medicine lead at Amgen. working on digital biomarkers, wearable sensors, and virtual trials; Chief Innovation Officer at LongView Technologies; and national Director of the Innovation and Advanced Technology Group at Kaiser Permanente. He co-founded a venture-funded startup with a successful exit, has 3 US patents, and is an alum of Harvard, UCSD, and UC Berkeley.

Faculty/Physician/Investor, Stanford/Intermountain/Frame VC

John has almost 20 years of experience as an emergency physician and a passion for improving healthcare through innovation. At Stanford, he co-led one of the first academic-private incubators, where he piloted and validated new healthcare technology and solutions. John has a unique ability to execute private-academic partnerships, improve product validation, and communicate effectively with professionals focused on healthcare, business, and technology.