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Healthcare Innovators, Developers & Entrepreneurs

Many of us have been in this position, where you feel very frustrated when you have this brilliant idea and you do not know what to do with it or how to go about making it into a real product or service. Sometimes you are not sure if the idea is even viable or what needs to be in place before you can take the next step. Oftentimes you may have started on this journey and gotten stuck when you hit a hurdle and you don’t have the time nor money to shepherd it through to take it to the next logical step. It’s great to connect with trusted peers who can advise. There are many things wrong and someone needs to fix it. Why not you?

Startup Investors, Mentors & Sponsors

There is so much investment going into healthcare startups these days. It is so hard to find early-stage startups that have solid potential. You see a lot of “me toos” or a new technology or business model that has very little chance of success in the current healthcare system. The Healthcare industry is notorious for chewing and spitting out startups! Who can assess startups better than the people who are actually going to use these products or services? People who are on the front lines can critique or even come up with better solutions. What is more noble than supporting those who are trying to make a difference in people’s lives?

Lifelong Learners, Speakers & Influencers

Knowledge is growing very fast. Whether you are a student or a resident, the things you learn today are going to be obsolete tomorrow. As a healthcare professional how do you keep up, especially if it is going to affect your career? Educating the next generation of practitioners can be very rewarding, where you are able to share not only your expertise but your skills and real-world experience. Getting CME credit for participating is the icing on the cake. Inspiring and igniting a passion in yourself and others are side effects. If we as physician innovators do not drive the bus, we will be left behind. Or worse yet, we will be run over!

Service Providers, Corporate & Ecosystem Partners

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. It needs fertile soil and a conducive environment. That is exactly what we are creating at InnovatorMD. We have lined up several pieces that need to come together, whether it is a reliable technology partner or an IP lawyer. How about a company that is a potential customer?. We know innovation is not easy. We can clear the path, remove the hurdles and enjoy with you as you celebrate your success. Removing the guesswork of who you need to work with can invigorate you. Having reliable partners is important to the fiscal health of your startup and your mental health!


To educate clinicians on advances in care delivery models, medical devices, digital health, and pharmaceutical innovation that will help them improve patient care and make their clinical management more efficient, meaningful, and fulfilling.


We are a group of physician innovators from various backgrounds with a single vision - to spread physician innovation to the rest of the world and to have a positive impact on patient outcomes and physician wellness while moving the healthcare industry forward.


We value physician knowledge, skills, and creativity. We believe that physicians can come up with solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare industry. We understand that physicians are scientific leaders, providers, and teachers.


Some people think we are crazy, but we are creating the whole ecosystem around Physician Innovation!

Here are the folks we serve:

Meet the Team

Founder & President

Co-Lead, Accelerator 

Andrew V. Bokarius MD, FAWM



Nila Rafiq, MD, MBA



Big Minds.

Real Innovation!

Change is happening everywhere in healthcare!

Although physicians are considered the scientific leaders in healthcare, they are not seen as the ones pushing for change and improvement. Physicians have been delegated to be figureheads and accept change as it happens to them. We have seen physician innovators working on some amazing things in different areas around the world.

The role of InnovatorMD is an attempt to showcase their work, inspire others to learn, and ignite innovation in healthcare.

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