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Finding Funding for Your Startup

Transitions and Plans: Identifying and Executing Your Personal Strategy

Finding & Evaluating Design & Manufacturing Resources for Startups

Moving from “Pitching" to Engagement: How to engage investors effectively and with confidence, authenticity, and clarity

How to craft a well-conceived, compelling business story

Why you, why now, why this company? The critical investor question and how to answer it.

Building a Positive Culture with 8 Lifestyles of Positive People™

Your Entrepreneurship Pivot

Prenuptial Patenting: Responsible Engagement with Engineering Firms

Leading with Human Intelligence

Burning Up While Burning Out: Stress Reduction, Compassion Fatigue Awareness, Burnout Prevention.

AI in Medicine: searching for signals in the noise

How To Pitch Your Business And Secure Investors



World Congress 2022

The Largest Physician Innovation Online Event

Keynotes | Startups | Panels | Workshops | CME

Location: San Francisco & Online   

Date: AUG 17-20, 2022