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Why should I attend?


Do you want to get a peek into the future of healthcare? Participate in the largest network of physician innovators, thinkers and doers. Hear visionaries speak, interact with peers and get inspired to take action. Expand your mindset and explore the possibilities!

What is in it for me?


Are you unsatisfied or bored with your current career path? Are you scared of what the future has in store for your profession? Do you want to explore and expand into innovation and entrepreneurship? Then you should be here. Get informed, inspired and ignited!

What makes us different?


Healthcare has many challenges. There are many problems that frontline physicians face. And they are trying ingenious methods to solve these problems.

We are physicians working to support physician innovation. We are the largest platform for physician innovation.

Why sponsor?


Come get connected to the network of physician experts, innovators and early adopters. When you support us, you are supporting the efforts of hundreds of smart physician innovators that have set out to change the world. This is where ideas bloom and bear fruit. Be a part of the solution!

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Nidhi Goel, MD

It was an incredible experience attending and presenting at #InnovatorMD startup showcase at Global Summit 2022. Such a coalition of forward-thinking experts in the health care system who do not believe the status quo is working!!

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Harjot Singh, MD

This conference is absolutely my go to now to feel hope and get energized. I think that InnovatorMD should think about seriously reaching out to medical schools and residency programs.

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John Dayton, MD

"I found the Conference very helpful, loved connecting with other physician innovators and look forward to next year."

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Philip Edgcumbe, MD, Ph.D.

Congrats also for a large number of attendees. You are a super node in the network of physician entrepreneurs!

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Pankaj Vij, MD

"Thank you for putting on the best CME conference that I’ve been to in a long time."

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Debby Hindus

A real sense of community and engagement. Really good content along with excellent logistics - always on time, good moderation, glitch-free.

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Brian Hazelgren

I was very honored to be asked to speak at the InnovatorMD Global Summit. What an incredible group of professionals! Huge kudos to the InnovatorMD team for pulling off an amazing event!