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IGS2021 Start Up Showcase CliniOps, Inc

Updated: May 21, 2021

Presented by Avik Pal Founder & CEO, CliniOps

CliniOps is the 'Data Science for Life Science'​ company leveraging AI, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud & Connected devices. CliniOps has developed a mobile eClinical application suite to streamline ‘Clinical data management’ with ‘Clinical operations’, for accelerated ‘Regulatory submission’. Our mobile platform with complete offline capability, at study sites, not only eliminates several inefficiencies and manual processes but also transforms the clinical trial workflow. Sponsors get instant visibility of study KPI's, with real-time reporting/analytics and several rich capabilities. CliniOps has a big focus on real-time decision support systems leveraging AI & ML, bringing a digital transformation in the life sciences industry.

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