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Co-Founder, CEO, professor MESH Scheduling Inc.

Dr. Yousefi is a professor and serial founder with a focus in healthcare algorithms and AI. He currently leads the flagship product Mesh AI as Mesh Scheduling Inc. working relentlessly to reduce the impacts of Healthcare’s number one problem globally: a shortage of workforce. Shahram has created more than 200 papers, patents, and products and has taught and received awards on 3 continents (85 countries).

Future of healthcare: augmented intelligence to improve clinician wellness and efficiency

Burnout has become an epidemic that plagues healthcare teams of all types and sizes in the United States, Canada, and beyond. While clinician call scheduling is not the main factor in burnout and stress in healthcare, bad shift scheduling and call coordination are an insult to injury today. Equitable, empathic, and efficient clinician scheduling (EEECS) in healthcare directly impacts patients, providers, payers, and healthcare systems. We discuss how augmented intelligence can help with this.

Shahram Yousefi
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