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Welcome & Introduction

8:00 AM PST

Securing your Digital Health Application when Scaling Up!

8:15 AM PST

Cerebrospinal fluid as a target-fluid for therapeutic interventions

8:30 AM PST

Conversational AI and Digital Assistants

8:45 AM PST

Physician Innovators

9:00 AM PST

Top three must do’s to become influential and engaging as a physician innovator.

9:30 AM PST

Panel Discussion


9:45 AM PST

Jan 11, Wednesday, 2023

Physician Innovators

Plenary Session II (CME)

Transformative Care: The Future of Healthcare

10:00 AM PST

Physician Burnout: The Perceived Culture of Medicine, Reality, and Creating One's Own Reality Through Personal Change

10:30 AM PST

Compassion As Medicine

10:45 AM PST

AI in Healthcare: Lessons and Directions after the First Decade

11:00 AM PST

Superpowered Healthcare: The opportunity of AI-driven physician productivity.

11:30 AM PST

Business of Health Care

11:45 AM PST

Panel Discussion


12:00 PM PST

Plenary Session I (CME)

Jan 11
Jan 12
Jan 13
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