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Investor Deep Dive: Molecular You


About Molecular You: Molecular You stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation as the first and only multi-biomarker analytics platform. With a focus on providing decision support to clinicians and ACOs, Molecular You offers highly accurate predictive risk profiles in 26+ health areas. Their groundbreaking low-cost molecular AI-powered blood analytics platform leverages quantitative proteomics and metabolomics, boasting an 800+ biomarker assay. This data feeds into an algorithm-driven software program, delivering precise predictive risk profiles for 26 health conditions, with more in development. Key Highlights: Unveiling Molecular You's Breakthrough Technology Decoding Health Mechanisms at the Molecular Level Data-Driven Decision Making Investment Opportunities: Explore potential investment opportunities in the rapidly evolving healthcare sector. Learn how Molecular You's disruptive technology is poised to reshape the industry landscape and unlock new avenues for growth and innovation. Presenter Spotlight: Jim Kean, MBA We're honored to welcome Jim Kean, a seasoned technology executive renowned for his innovative approach to healthcare. With a career dedicated to making healthcare more accessible, Kean has achieved multiple exits with health technology companies. Notably, he founded Sapient Health Network, which later merged to form the consumer-facing side of WebMD. His remarkable track record includes turning a $5m investment into $187m in just 3.5 years. In 2010, Kean launched WellnessFX, ultimately selling it to Thorne (THRN) in 2013 for $25m.

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