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Baby Live Advice

Sigi Marmorstein, RN, MSN, PHN, FNP BC – CEO & Founder of Baby Live Advice and Telehealth Consulting Services.

BabyLiveAdvice, LLC is a Telehealth- SAAS solution that aims to reduce Maternal-Child Morbidity and Mortality by providing education and support to expecting mothers and parents. Our providers, all moms, come from all cultural backgrounds and we can support over 56 languages through our video translation partners. BLA provides mental health screening and support for pre/postpartum depression, nutrition services, lactation support, diabetic education, substance abuse consulting, nurse advice, and other services. Unlike other innovation programs, BabyLiveAdvice aims to support and partner with health providers, hospitals, insurance companies, health organizations, and self-insured employers to extend virtual prenatal/postnatal education, monitoring of chronic conditions (such as DM, HTN), smoking, and substance abuse cession, postnatal care, parental nutrition, and mental health screening and support.

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