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IGS2021 Start Up Showcase SavorHealth

Updated: May 21, 2021

Presented by Susan Bratton CEO & Founder at Savor Health | Personalized Nutritional Strategies as Interventions for Symptom Management Support of Cancer Patients & Other Chronic Diseases

Savor Health is personalized nutrition technology platform that provides personalized and clinically appropriate nutrition recommendations and support to people with chronic medical conditions. Oncology, a clinically and nutritionally complex disease, is our proof of concept. Our proprietary technology rules and content are based on evidence-based science and the clinical best practices of credentialed medical experts. The Savor Health solution is a SaaS model licensed, on a branded or white labeled basis, by healthcare enterprises including pharmaceutical companies, payors, providers and employers who seek to improve treatment adherence and compliance, clinical and quality of life outcomes, and healthcare spending.

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