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Founder, IntuBlade

Andrew Napier, MD is an Emergency Medicine physician, inventor, and former US Army Combat Medic. While deployed to Afghanistan in 2008, he witnessed catastrophic failures with military-issued airway equipment and has since gone on to invent a patented video laryngoscope that clears the camera lens of any debris while intubating. Dr. Napier works as an Emergency Medicine Physician at Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock, CA where he is also the Department Vice Chair and Assistant Medical Director.

From Napkin Sketch to Reality... Your Path to the Creation of a Medical Device

The digital age has removed many barriers to device design and has enabled one to go from idea to genesis rapidly and cost-effectively. This lecture will illustrate how one can advance an idea into a tangible device. I will demonstrate how one can articulate a medical device into a sketch, convert this sketch to a three-dimensional design, and from this design to a functional prototype. From this presentation, you will be able to progress your next multimillion-dollar idea from a napkin sketch.

Andrew Napier, MD
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