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Consultant, AS Pharma Advisors

Clinical development strategy and innovation thought leader with extensive (29 years) experience and passion for developing medicines for patients having contributed to 15 FDA/EMEA drug approvals, 12 of these in Oncology. She has held various global leadership positions within Pharma, biotech and digital health technology startup companies and industry consortiums SCRS Oncology Board, DTRA and ACS, NAS. She provides advisory consulting services for drug/med/digital health technology development

Patient centered innovations in Oncology

Innovations in Oncology from novel treatment modalities, real-world data, next-generation sequencing, patient-reported outcomes, and precision approaches are hallmarks of the field. The presentation will discuss the challenges in Oncology and how patient centered digital health innovations and the regulatory framework can help bring the promise of digitization to cancer research and care in order to improve patient access, safety/tolerability and quality of lives.

Archana Sah MS(Pharm.), PMP
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