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Executive Director, West CoastHealthGrid Alliance

Tech industry veterans founded the HealthGridAlliance (HGA) to address health industry challenges through tech collaborations. Our current mission is ensuring that this brave new world of remote medical data operates to everyone's benefit without creating privacy nightmare scenarios. Through a collaborative approach we seek solutions that benefit all stakeholders, starting with a working group to educate stakeholders and create appropriate guide rails.

Health 3.0: Blockchain is the Future of Health Data

Health care is awash in data from EHR, telehealth, and remote medical devices. At the same time, privacy and transparency expectations are driving data to blockchain for access that is secure and individually directed. This Health 3.0 approach must encompass privacy, security, interoperability, data ownership, and data control. Learn about Health 3.0 and its prospective rollout with blockchain and security experts, health tech CEOs, device makers, regulatory folks, investors, and providers.

Debby Hindus
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