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Founder & CMO, SAVANA AI - RWE

Dr. Ignacio H. Medrano is a Consultant Neurologist with training in Healthcare Management and experience in Clinical research strategies (formerly responsible for +500 researchers). A Singularity University graduate, he is a founder at Mendelian in the UK (AI for diagnose of rare diseases) and at Savana (Real World Evidence using AI on Electronic Medical Records). In 2021 Forbes praised Dr Ignacio H. Medrano, including him in the list of the 100 most creative Spaniards in the business world.

AI in Healthcare: searching for signals in the noise

AI & machine learning are about seeing correlations beyond human capabilities; thus they are disrupting industries and
institutions.In Healthcare AI we are already seeing robust evidence (and approvals), even when clinical trials are yet missing.Interesting data layers to generate AI are: sensors, genome and imaging.But a most remarkable one is Electronic Medical Records, which thanks to
NLP allows agile RWE generation.Ethical thinking and the right questions are needed in AI environment.

Ignacio H. Medrano, MD, MSc
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