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CEO, CovInnovations

Jamie is a seasoned entrepreneur and innovative senior executive with over 25 years of expertise in leading dynamic growth organizations to achieve extraordinary business results in small to large publicly traded and private life science companies. He's been awarded industry recognition as a groundbreaking executive who challenges teams to overcome obstacles and break through barriers by developing strong, in-depth strategic relationships with corporate partners and community leaders.

CovInnovations COVI-001: Treatment for patients hospitalised with severe COVID-19 with hypoxia

This groundbreaking treatment is used to directly combat and halt COVID-19 after people have become infected with the disease, particularly those with intense reactions which have been hospitalized and are receiving oxygen.

Covinnovations™ was created to develop technologies and solutions directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our patent-pending treatments are a true game-changer in the battle against COVID-19.

Jamie Jones
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