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CEO, DocWorking

Jen Barna MD is a board-certified radiologist, and founder and CEO of DocWorking, a company that helps physicians and other healthcare professionals maximize meaning and purpose in life both in and out of work, by combining expert coaching, peer support communities, and highly interactive courses that have maximum impact using minimal time.

By providing ongoing support to physicians, advanced practitioners and healthcare teams via DocWorking solutions, healthcare organizations improve recruitment and retention, thereby improving patient care while decreasing the high costs of employee turnover.

Dr. Barna is also the co-host of DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast, now ranked on multiple lists as a top physician podcast.

DocWorking delivers comprehensive solutions to combat and prevent burnout. DocWorking makes professional coaching by experts who specialize in working with physicians widely accessible to doctors and the entire healthcare team, on the principle that the time has come to prioritize the health and well-being of healthcare professionals.

Stress Less: Locking in Cost Saving Burnout Prevention Solutions

Underlying the exodus from healthcare are well known systemic stressors, a workforce experiencing burnout and distress, and staggering costs and liability. The presenters will review implementation of science-based, digital behavioral health solutions at scale, integrated with a customized approach to leadership and clinician coaching. The outcome is a collaborative approach to accelerate resilient cultures, improve individual well-being and financial benefits.

Jen Barna, MD
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