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CEO, Apricity Health LLC

An elected member of the National Academy of Medicine, a cancer genomic scientist and a leader in digital medicine, Dr. Chin conducted research at DFCI-Harvard, served leadership roles in the TCGA, founded Dept of Genomic Medicine at MD Anderson to develop tech-enabled platforms to implement genomic science in clinical practices. She is co-founder and CEO of Apricity Health to harness technologies, patient data and clinical expertise to transform the paradigm of oncology research and care.

A New Paradigm in the Era of Digital Medicine: Equity and Inclusiveness in Research and Care

This past decade has witnessed unparalleled advances in precision medicine, driven by technologies, big data, and analytics. While precision in discovery has made great strides, precision in care delivery, e.g. data-driven evidence-based care decisions, has lagged. Moreover, inclusiveness in foundational research is critical to reduce systemic bias in the R&D pipelines so more effective therapies can be developed for more patients faster.

Lynda Chin, MD
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