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Founder and CEO, Orthopaedic Surgeon, HealthMe Technology

Michael Havig M.D. is an orthopedic surgeon, and expert on transparent pricing and bundled healthcare. He is passionate about solving the challenges facing physicians and patients in today’s complex healthcare environment.  Frustrated by the lack of control healthcare providers have in caring for their patients, he founded HealthMe, a software platform that helps practices to attract and manage direct-pay patients and payments, and improves access to transparently priced bundled healthcare.

Develop a Direct-Pay Strategy to Grow Revenue and Simplify Operations

The number of direct-pay patients is growing yet most practices turn them away when they should be marketing to them. Consumers, employers, and the government are demanding transparent pricing for healthcare services. Your practice needs to develop a comprehensive strategy to attract direct-pay patients, efficiently collect payments, and simplify the process for your staff. This session will demonstrate the value of offering transparently priced bundled care plans, and how to meet GFE compliance

Michael Havig, MD
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