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Managing Partner & Chairman, MGR Capital Executive Impact Group

Mike Ryan is Chairman, EIG and Managing Partner, MGR Capital a FINRA licensed broker who specializes in raising capital for medical, healthcare, and digital health related growth companies. As a 30 year veteran in fund raising, including serving as a CEO Advisor to 12 unicorns, he knows the challenges, pitfalls, opportunities and how to navigate the private securities market.   As a former hospital, health system & digital health CEO, Mike has been in the trenches and shares his own experiences

Capital Funding for Physician Healthcare Growth Companies

Physician entrepreneurs have an opportunity to disrupt the Silicon Valley myth that founders are young, outsiders and often walk away from colleges to start the next unicorn.

Explore the history of physicians in successfully starting and scaling healthcare companies that have impacted the industry.

Discussion of the current state of the capital funding with increase inflation, global conflicts, interest rates increasing and many other factors influencing founders and investors.

Mike Ryan
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