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Founder and CEO, HealMed Solutions.Inc

Self-identified Medical Futurist and a double board-certified Psychiatrist based in New York City with Leadership, research and clinical experience of providing care in different mental health care settings, for nearly 2 decades in the USA, I have a firsthand experience of the struggles that Mental Health Care Clinicians face in providing care to consumers. I am also a MD in Preventive and Social Medicine from India giving me unique set of training for broader perspective of population health.

Mental health global crisis: future of care delivery

Mental health crisis is a global pandemic for which we clearly are unprepared to defeat. Exponential rise is from 1/5 people to 40-60% adults reporting some form of mental illnesses and on the other hand we are facing a severe shortage of providers where 60% counties have 0 psychiatrist and another 60% are due to retire in next few years.
There is no way humanly we can bridge this chasm!
What is the future of mental health care delivery? Can technology play a role...

Nidhi Goel, MD
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