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Founder & CEO, UBERDOC

Paula Muto, M.D., F.A.C.S., is the founder and CEO of UBERDOC.  A graduate of Amherst College and New York Medical College, Dr. Muto  is a practicing vascular and general surgeon in solo practice for over 20 years and the owner of a successful Vein Center. She is an outspoken advocate for patient care and is passionate about women's health. She has emerged as a powerful voice for price transparency and protecting the doctor-patient relationship.

Talk is cheap: How to measure success?

We talk about burnout, outcomes, cost, and lack of access. We talk about innovations in AI, biopharma, tech, and digital health. How do we implement these innovations in our communities? What are the barriers and how can we work together to bring change? Perhaps a panel discussion about how to set goals and measure success.

Paula Muto, MD
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