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CEO, StressPal

Pennie Sempell, JD cofounded StressPal with James Monroe, PhD (Clinical Psychology). Her diverse background in law, conflict resolution, integrative health and creative arts gives her the breadth and depth of skills, as well as insight, into the pain points faced by patients and clinicians, in pioneering and producing science-based self-care engagement toolkits to promote resilience and well-being. UC Berkeley (BA Psychology, Phi Beta Kappa), University of California, Hastings (Juris Doctor).

Stress Less: Locking in Cost Saving Burnout Prevention Solutions

Underlying the exodus from healthcare are well known systemic stressors, a workforce experiencing burnout and distress, and staggering costs and liability. The presenters will review implementation of science-based, digital behavioral health solutions at scale, integrated with a customized approach to leadership and clinician coaching. The outcome is a collaborative approach to accelerate resilient cultures, improve individual well-being and financial benefits.

Pennie Sempell, JD
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