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CEO, Healthcareis Fixed

Ron Barshop is Founder a serial entrepreneur. His podcast Primary Care Cures, has been named to several top healthcare podcast lists and presents thought leaders and CEOs of models that are fixing primary care and by extension most of what’s broken in healthcare.  

He has chaired two angel networks in Austin and in San Antonio, several capital campaigns. He has completed 10 marathons and won national and local leadership awards. He has authored Healthcare is Fixed.

Direct Contracted Primary Care is a Movement

With tens of millions of members 20,000 PCPs ,1700 imaging centers,600 surgery centers and over 300,000 pharmacists plus every specialist and lab takes cash direct contracted care is an unstoppable movement.
Self insured employers buy coverage for 145m Americans
Silicon Valley were first adopters. 1/3 of the Fortune 100 too. And now over 83% of employees want direct primary care on-site near site or virtual.
Here’s who is winning and how.

Ron Barshop
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