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MD, American Diabetes Association

Dr. Bindlish is a Diabetologist/Diplomate in Lifestyle Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She is a Chair of thought leadership committee at the community leadership board of the American Diabetes Association. Dr. Bindlish is also adjunct faculty at Touro university's residency program. She is a speaker at University at Sea( CME at cruise).

Texting as a Patient Care Access Point

Therefore, American Diabetes Association funds diabetes research to develop the latest technology, provide education and connect with the government doing advocacy work to help people living with diabetes. In the Bay Area alone, ADA provided over $8M in research funding to institutions like Stanford, UCSF, Kaiser Permanente, and UC Davis. This research provides research for critical studies and also advances diabetes care. Many researchers are practicing physicians who treat patients and apply their learnings to improve health outcomes.

Shagun Bindlish, MD, FACP
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