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Dr. Vidur Mahajan is the CEO of – the world’s first end-to-end platform for testing and deployment of imaging AI. CARPL works with more than 60 partners across the world spanning leading research groups in academia, industry and startups. In the past, he ran Mahajan Imaging, India’s leading radiology chain, and has published more than 120 academic and conference papers in the field of AI and imaging across the world. He did medicine from LTM, Mumbai and MBA from the Wharton School.

A platform approach for AI deployment in clinical settings

CARPL is an end-to-end platform for testing and deployment of AI in the clinical realm. CARPL helps healthcare providers across the world connect with AI applications improving access, affordability and quality of medical care. I will talk about how CARPL encapsulates the value of the entire AI ecosystem and presents it to healthcare providers as a single techno-commercial interface.

Vidur Mahajan, MD
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