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Come get connected to the network of physician experts, innovators and early adopters. When you support us, you are supporting the efforts of hundreds of smart physician innovators that have set out to change the world.

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A year-long program consisting of 40 MasterClasses designed to educate healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs on essential topics. Each MasterClass will feature an expert, who is the Instructor for that MasterClass.

We have seen physician innovators working on some amazing things in different areas around the world. The role of InnovatorMD is an attempt to showcase their work, inspire others to learn, and ignite innovation in healthcare.

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We are a healthcare innovation company that serves physicians and healthcare innovators, to amplify their voice, build skills and extend their influence through various programs.


Global Summit 2023

The Largest Physician Innovation Event!

Keynotes | Startups | Panels | Workshops | CME

JAN 11-13 Online via Zoom

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Watch 100+ educational videos of Conferences, Keynote speakers, MasterClasses, Startup Pitches, Health & Wellbeing Sessions