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Patenting in the Early Years - A coming of age story

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Navigate the crucial early years from idea to patent with expert insights. Learn how to discuss, protect, and avoid pitfalls in your idea. Discover strategies for provisional filing, impressing investors with your first patent, and optimizing the critical pendency year. Answers to common questions and strategy recommendations for those early years between idea and granted patent. We begin with your idea, how you can talk about it, and what you can and can’t do with it to avoid potentially irreversible patentability issues. We’ll tackle the fundamentals of when your provisional should be filed, how to maximize your runway, what investors are looking for in your first patent, and what to focus on during the critical year of pendency before conversion. Instructor: Ashley Sloat, Ph.D., President, Dir. of Patent Strategy, Aurora Patents Dr. Ashley Sloat is a USPTO-registered patent practitioner who specializes in the development and management of patent portfolios for startup ventures and emerging growth companies. She takes a hands-on approach with each client, partnering with Engineering and Management teams to intimately understand each client’s business, competition, and product vision. Armed with this knowledge, Ashley is able to increase the value of her clients’ patent portfolios while reducing overall legal costs.

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