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July 13
July 14
July 15

AI in Healthcare: The Power, the Peril, and the Promise

8:00 AM PT

8:30 AM PT

You, Me, and Chat GPT

8:45 AM PT

2023 AI in Healthcare: Unleashing the Potential of AI and ML

9:00 AM PT

AI and healthcare

9:15 AM PT

July 13, Thursday, 2023

Plenary Session II (CME)

The Road to Longevity: from hype to hope to reality

10:00 AM PT

Creating Innovations that Transform Health and Wellness

10:30 AM PT

Want to achieve product market fit? Talk to your customers!

10:45 AM PT

Don't Let Burnout Stifle Innovation

11:00 AM PT

We Don't Have a Shortage of Physicians, Just a Shortage of Using Them Efficiently

11:30 AM PT

Plenary Session I (CME)

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