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Pediatric Virtual Health

Lisa Di Enno, MD, FAAP, CMO, Xpert Care- Pediatric Virtual Health

XpertCare is a digital platform for virtual pediatric care at any time, anywhere. With our Pediatric digital clinic, parents can video-chat with a Board-Certified Pediatrician from the safety of their home. network of pediatric subspecialists who provide e-Consults using a HIPAA compliant platform. Our experts are available for both e-consults and medical second opinions. Pediatricians use our platform to connect to the best pediatric specialists and subspecialists for e-consults and second opinions. We increase the capacity of pediatric providers to help more patients via our intuitive, state-of-the-art telemedicine platform. We partner with you for e-consults with pediatric specialists to reduce the risk of missing a critical diagnosis and/or review a treatment plan as well as reduce the burden of travel for specialty care for families. We collaborate with you to increase patient engagement, satisfaction, and retention. We believe every child should have the right diagnosis and care regardless of where they live.

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