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Secure digital cloud sharing platform, Radionome

Updated: May 21, 2021

Hamza Shaikh, MD Director of Neurointerventional Surgery

If asked to present an X-ray film or an MRI CD from a few months or even weeks ago, would you be able to do it instantaneously? Dr. Hamza Shaikh and his team came up with a solution by creating Radionome. You can say goodbye to your numerous CDs, X-ray films, etc., and instead, move to a secure digital cloud sharing platform – Radionome. It is an FDA cleared medical image DICOM viewer which can store all your medical imaging data in a HIPAA compliant manner and is completely secure. The data is entirely in the hands of the patient and the referring physician and can easily be shared with another facility on request by the patient, thus cutting down the need for CDs and physical copies. Interesting fact, a patient with a rare disease can leverage their imaging data for studies/academic purposes. The possibilities with this are limitless and it is on the way to transform the way we operate and store our imaging data. Don’t be surprised if you hear the phrase, “Can you radionome it to me?” in the future.

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