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Founder & CEO, The Entrepreneur's Doctor

Dr Behrooz Behbod, a.k.a., The Entrepreneur's Doctor, is a Harvard, Oxford, US CDC, and UK NHS trained public health physician, with 25+ years of international experience across healthcare, business, and education. Behrooz helps Health Professionals turn their expertise & lived experience into a thriving online business, so they can scale your impact, have the freedom to do what they love, and have fun being creative.

7 Secrets of Health Entrepreneurship

Busy Health Professionals Are Natural Entrepreneurs.

We just need a strategy that allows us to safely pivot into business & entrepreneurship, without risking our family, financial, or job security.
The 7 SECRETS will show you how.

I will give a 15-min talk summarising the 7 Secrets, available here:

Behrooz Behbood
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