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Leadership Advisor

Harjot Singh, M.D. is a keynote speaker, author, & a leadership advisor. He helps doctors & leaders master skills never taught in training so they can lead for success & live with joy. He is passionate about helping people discover who they really are - like how Yoda helps Luke discover his true powers. He is a practicing doctor, the chief of telemedicine service at Kingsview Behavioral Health, & faculty at American College of Healthcare Executives, & his work is informed by all 3 perspectives.

Compassion mapping: Six conversations to get to know your team members quickly

Communication is the foundation of your leadership. These six conversations are building blocks of that foundation. This soft skill has the most impact on your performance. Worse, some conversations cause burnout, and lead to turnover, and poor performance. From a quick text, to a talk in the hallway, huddles and meetings, up to a formal performance review- learn to shed disorganized, vague, and boring talks, and create focused, meaningful, and energizing conversations.

Harjot Singh, MD
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