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President, ORCHA Health

5-time company CEO, Jon Warner is a health and healthcare entrepreneurship expert having founded and led 3 startups of his own. 

Jon has 2 major roles. As CEO of Silver Moonshots, Jon manages a “virtual accelerator” for startups focused on the 50+ population and its needs for health and healthcare (and digital health in particular). As President of ORCHA in the US, Jon seeks to promote and distribute safe third-party digital health solutions to Health Providers, Payers, Pharma, and Patients.

Digital Health and Virtual Care -The Innovation Path Ahead

One unintended but helpful 'silver lining' of the pandemic has been the significant uptake of digital health, telehealth, and other digital tools by both healthcare providers and by consumers. However, momentum has slowed considerably and the path ahead to create upward momentum is not clear. In this session, Jon Warner will outline what digital innovations across health and healthcare are likely to make the greatest impact in the future and why.

Jon Warner, Ph.D.
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