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CEO, Paul DeChant, MD, MBA

Dr. Paul DeChant advises C-level executives on ending clinician burnout and pursuing organizational resilience. As CEO of the Sutter Gould Medical Foundation he led a transformation that moved physician satisfaction from p45 to p87 while being receiving the highest overall rating of 170 medical groups in California two years in a row. His contributions to the field include co-authoring the book, “Preventing Physician Burnout: Curing the Chaos and Returning Joy to the Practice of Medicine."

The CEO's Guide to Ending Clinician Burnout NOW!

The existential threat of COVID-19 drove healthcare providers to transform care delivery more rapidly than anyone thought possible. ASCs were transformed into ICUs and outpatient visits were converted to telemedicine practically overnight.
We can apply the lessons we've learned about rapid transformation to addressing the pandemic of clinician burnout. All we need is the will and the method.
Are you ready to be inspired and take action?

Paul DeChant, MD, MBA
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