Effects of the Pandemic on Medical Education

Chase DiMarco, MD, Ph.D., MBA Podcaster, Author, Content Creator, Speaker

Chase DiMarco is an MD/Ph.D-C, MS, and MBA-HA. He is the Founder and educator at FreeMedEd, which began in 2014 to consolidate free educational resources for his classmates to give students and preceptors more options for clinical education sites.

FindARotation was founded in 2019 by Chase DiMarco. FAR is the first marketplace of its kind, allowing for crowdsourced resources for healthcare students and professionals. This allows for more options locally and nationally for students without the financial burden of a placement agency.

It also utilizes automated systems to decrease faculty, provider, and clinical coordinator time when it comes to clinical tasks. It aims to increase efficiency in scheduling student rotations and clerkships, finalizing documentation, and receiving payments (where necessary).

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