From Napkin to Bedside:

Keynote Presentation by Vallabh Janardhan, MD

Ideas develop from basic observations and that leads to inventions that could be groundbreaking, Dr. Vallabh Janardhan took us through his personal journey on how he literally took an Idea from Napkin to Bedside. Dr. Janardhan experienced that when he was sipping on some coconut water and the straw got clogged by a kernel. This led to his invention of the CLEAR aspiration system that can be used to suction out clots anywhere in the body. He also laid out a simplified yet detailed, 12-step guide for upcoming entrepreneurs to help bring an idea to fruition. Insera Therapeutics' success story is not only inspiring but also made it clear that not all ideas need to be really complex, all it takes is a little observation and a structured plan!

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