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Thursday, February 3rd, 5 PM PT

How To Pitch Your Business And Secure Investors

I have seen thousands of pitches and in those pitches, I have seen CEOs kill great companies because they didn't know how to present their business to investors. This happens most often with medical companies. In this class, I will teach you how to effectively communicate any type of medical device, pharmaceutical, digital health, or any business to an investor in a way they will hear the opportunity.

Thursday, February 10th, 5 PM PT

AI in Medicine: searching for signals in the noise

Recent advances in AI such as clinical natural language processing (NLP) and Machine Learning are enabling the mining of data from EHRs. We will describe Savana’s approach and scientific methodology for the generation of Deep Real-World Evidence (RWE) at scale and speed across multiple sites and in multiple languages. Discover how Deep RWE is enabling clinicians to draw causal conclusions and inform clinical decisions by revealing deep patient journeys, deep screening, deep phenotyping etc.

Thursday, February 24th, 5 PM PT

Burning Up While Burning Out: Stress Reduction, Compassion Fatigue Awareness, Burnout Prevention.

Healthcare professionals, regardless of specialty and work setting, are under more stress than ever evidenced by increases in demand for quality services that are more efficient and extremely thorough, higher costs, reduced staffing, and diminishing resources. Many healthcare workers are putting in longer hours for less pay. From working extra twenty-four shifts to simply burning the midnight oil catching up on paperwork, the healthcare industry puts a great deal of stress and fatigue on the average worker and their relationships, including family. Healthcare professionals bear witness to human suffering on a routine basis and are
constantly reminded that tragedy, pain, and challenge often loom large in the midst of helping patients heal. The Global Coronavirus Pandemic adds a new dimension of chaos and stress on healthcare systems and their workers. As a result, stress, compassion fatigue and burnout have quickly become the major hazard of a profession whose basis was founded on the Hippocratic oath and the conduit of delivering continuity and compassion to patients.

Thursday, March 10th, 5 PM PT

Physician Executive, Founder of Human Intelligence Leadership

Leading with Human Intelligence

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence and Building Psychologically Safe Organizational Culture
Bahar is a certified physician executive. She combines her business and emotional intelligence acumen to cultivate an Authentic Organizational Presence.
She has developed a Human Intelligence Masterclass and Workshop with a vision to elevate, empower, and inspire others and contribute to building a psychologically safe organizational culture. She has given several talks to fortune five hundred companies.
She received Leadership Certification in Emotional Intelligence & Empathy at Work from Berkeley and has an Organizational Leadership Certification in Psychological Safety.

Thursday, March 24th, 5 PM PT

Prenuptial Patenting: Responsible Engagement with Engineering Firms

You have your big idea and now it’s time to breathe it into existence, but you need some help with the development. In this talk, we discuss everything you need to know before and during the course of engaging with an engineering firm. We’ll cover IP ownership versus inventorship, patentability and freedom-to-operate responsibilities, assignment from engineering firm inventors back to you, and how to avoid the traps of viral IP.

Thursday, March 31st, 5 PM PT

Your Entrepreneurship Pivot

Join healthcare tech startup alum (Doximity, Amida) - turned career and leadership coach Dr. Sonia Ashok to find out how you can tap into your passion and expertise to create an aligned entrepreneurship pivot. Still unsure of how you can become a physician innovator? Learn from the lessons I've experienced working as an early employee, in an established startup, and as a founder to chart the steps to ignite your own dream career.

Thursday, April 14th, 5 PM PT

Building a Positive Culture with 8 Lifestyles of Positive People™

We are seeing record numbers of anxiety, depression, and negative cultures all around us. National surveys of thousands of employees reveal they are very concerned about their future. Employees are less effective from the stress of the pandemic. There are solutions available and it starts with 8 Lifestyles of Positive People.

Thursday, April 28th, 5 PM PT

Why you, why now, why this company? The critical investor question and how to answer it.

The difference between an investor saying “yes” or remaining on the fence often comes down to this: do they connect with your purpose, your “why”? Discover how to craft a founder story that resonates strongly with investors and leaves them feeling confident you have what it takes to deliver outstanding results.

Thursday, May 26th, 5 PM PT

Finding & Evaluating Design & Manufacturing Resources for Startups

We are always being told to "find a trusted partner" when developing a new product, but what does that actually mean? This class covers a pragmatic checklist that moves beyond a company's marketing material and helps you determine whether or not culture, resources and business models are really aligned for mutual success.

Thursday, June 2nd, 5 PM PT

Transitions and Plans: Identifying and Executing Your Personal Strategy

Let's talk about your dreams, visions, plan, path. Where you are now, and where you want to go. How the start-up community and Venture Capitalism can be a part of your mindset, plan, intention and future either as a direct participant or an investor

Thursday, June 23rd, 5 PM PT

Startup Director, UC Berkeley Haas

Finding Funding for Your Startup

Starting a business is hard. How can we bootstrap a business in this tough environment? I have helped 1000s of companies in the past 15 years at different accelerators and at Berkeley. Let me share with you the journey of raising capital and the type of information that needs to be conveyed. We will also create a structure of what is needed to be conveyed on a monthly basis with potential investors.

Thursday, June 30th, 5 PM PT

Develop a Direct-Pay Strategy to Grow Revenue and Simplify Operations

The number of direct-pay patients is growing yet most practices turn them away when they should be marketing to them. Consumers, employers, and the government are demanding transparent pricing for healthcare services. Your practice needs to develop a comprehensive strategy to attract direct-pay patients, efficiently collect payments, and simplify the process for your staff. This session will demonstrate the value of offering transparently priced bundled care plans, and how to meet GFE compliance

Thursday, July 7th, 5 PM PT

Mental Health Global Crisis Future of Care Delivery

The mental health crisis is a global pandemic which we clearly are unprepared to defeat. Exponential rise is from 1/5 people to 40-60% adults reporting some form of mental illnesses and on the other hand, we are facing a severe shortage of providers where 60% counties have 0 psychiatrist and another 60% are due to retire in next few years. There is no way humanly we can bridge this chasm! What is the future of mental health care delivery? Can technology play a role...

Thursday, June 14th, 5 PM PT

Engaging with Investors

The talk will cover practical tips on how to engage with investors for your startup idea. How to identify the right investors, how to screen for the ones that are genuinely interested and how to engage with them during the diligence process.

Thursday, August 4th, 5 PM PT

Inclusively Practicing Self-Care and Resiliency

With the rapid increase in burnout experienced by health professionals, self-care is not only a must but a form of resiliency. The goal of the class is to highlight the importance of self-care. This concept is critical because the ability to listen to our inner voice, and build resilience and not endurance is important. Self-care is a form of joy, liberation, love, and resistance. Representing our authentic selves is vital to the human race.

Thursday, September 22nd, 5 PM PT

Protecting Physician Wealth in the Age of Covid and Inflation

Presentation focus: Physician Wellness - Tangible Strategies to Preserve and Growth Wealth in the Current Economic Environment

The traditional investment paradigm that most physicians have been trained to follow is coming under increased pressure in the face of current Federal Reserve policy. Learn new strategies to combat this.

Thursday, November 3rd, 5 PM PT

VP, Business Development at RedCrow - an Alira Health company

Design Thinking for Healthcare Innovation

Explore the concepts of design thinking and why they are important to healthcare innovation.

Thursday, November 10th, 5 PM PT

Joshua Tamayo-Sarver, MD, PhD, FACEP, Vice President of Innovation at Vituity

Managing AI innovations to maximize success

Healthcare and AI has exploded with hope, promise, disappointment, and early exits. Based on decades of experience as a provider, data scientist, and executive leader developing and deploying solutions, Josh will share what he believes differentiates the winners from the losers in the healthcare AI space. Using concrete examples, he will illustrate a structured way to develop and assess the potential for a particular AI asset from ideation to implementation and market traction.

Thursday, November 18th, 5 PM PT

Co-founder & CEO of MESH Scheduling Inc. 

The clinician-first future of work in healthcare

Healthcare is human-centric and it will stay that way.

While patients are important stakeholders, “primum non nocere” should start with physicians and clinicians: the frontline care providers.

In this talk, we will discuss the foundations of empathic operations in healthcare to Improve work-life balance and well-being, Remove errors, frustrations, and unfairness at work, Optimize human capital, and, Enhance engagement and feelings of belonging.

Let’s take the first steps of a journey of a thousand miles toward reducing healthcare burnout and bringing back the joy of medicine

Thursday, December 8th, 5 PM PT

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